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Dead by Daylight Store Collection | The Alice In Wonderland Collection


Dead by Daylight steps away from the tea party to reveal The Alice In Wonderland Collection, featuring new Outfits for The Huntress, The Artist, Kate Denson, Nea Karlsson, and Ace Visconti.

Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland has withstood the test of time, charming readers with its whimsical atmosphere and witty dialogue to this day. It has since inspired leagues of creative interpretations, with many noting its synergy with the horror genre. Perhaps it’s all those decapitation threats...

Beyond that, there’s something uniquely scary about being whisked into an unfamiliar world, where the reaches of your imagination are pushed beyond their limitations. In Wonderland, characters are free to revel in their own madness, defy shape and size, and even encounter monstrous foes.

Can you really blame us for diving deeper down the rabbit hole?


  • The Artist - Frumious Jabberwock


  • The Huntress – Red Queen
  • Kate Denson – Wonderful Alice
  • Nea Karlsson – Cheshire Life
  • Ace Visconti – Mad Hatter

“Since the introduction of the Modern Tales collection last year, we’ve been throwing around ideas of how to expand on it and explore the darker side of well-known stories,” explains Kirby Taylor, Dead by Daylight’s Live Operations Specialist. “When Alice in Wonderland was suggested, we knew right away it was a path we wanted to explore. Our plans became curiouser and curiouser, quickly reaching 5 outfits, exceeding the size of the Collection we initially set out to expand!”

“At this point, we realized the Alice in Wonderland collection had grown into its own separate thing from Modern Tales, and we finally get to share it with you! I want to thank the team for willingly heading down the rabbit hole on this one. I guess we’re all a little mad here."


If you enjoy that dark, whimsical fairy-tale aesthetic, consider the previously released Modern Tales Collection, which includes Outfits for The Huntress, Feng Min, and Meg Thomas.

In the meantime, The Alice In Wonderland Collection is now available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

See you in The Fog...

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