Dead by Daylight Embraces Dark Fairy Tales With Modern Tales Collection



Witches luring children to be cooked and eaten. Wolves devouring grandmothers to hoodwink innocent victims. Folkloric figures singing haunting lullabies in the woodlands.  

It’s no wonder the worlds of Fairy Tales and Horror align so nicely.  

As children, it was easy to overlook the darkness presented in Fairy Tales, where deceit, trickery, and even gruesome violence were all too common. In honour of the grim fables we’ve come to know and love, Dead by Daylight has introduced the Modern Tales Collection.  

  • The Huntress – Baba Yaga Outfit - ULTRA RARE  

Whispers of her presence have been written off as a cautionary tale: don’t go into the woods, or the Baba Yaga will get you. But sceptics take heed, for she has emerged from her hut to feast. Her strange and unfamiliar lullaby may very well be the last thing you hear. 

  • Feng Min – Little Red Gaming Fit Outfit  -- VERY RARE

My, what big teeth you have. When staring down a ravenous wolf, it’s important not to blink. Whether those wolves are competing for e-sports glory or lurking around the corner of the Killer Shack, Feng Min has never backed down from a challenge.  

  • Meg Thomas – Dare Gretel Outfit– VERY RARE 

While it’s never wise to rush through life -- especially in a fairy tale -- Meg Thomas knows there are exceptions to every rule. When the forest you’re strolling through is home to sinister witches keen on tossing you into a wood-burning oven, a brisk pace is highly recommended.  


In celebration of Dead by Daylight’s dark and whimsical new outfits, Product Store Manager Rose Li offered a few insights. “We revisited the classic tales of Baba Yaga, Hansel & Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood, giving them our modern interpretation with a DbD twist,” she says. “We put special effort into the Huntress' Baba Yaga outfit to include a new voice, a new lobby animation, and additional VFX to create a detailed and hauntingly beautiful outfit.” 

“Fun fact,” she adds. “We wanted to include a hut on chicken legs but were unable to find the right place to recreate the entire hut. We put them on her waist as an easter egg instead.” 

There’s a path of breadcrumbs leading into the woods – why not see where it leads?

Look for the Modern Tales Collection, available now in the Dead by Daylight In-Game store.  

The Dead by Daylight Team

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