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Dead by Daylight's Halloween Event 2021: The Midnight Grove



Join Dead by Daylight to celebrate Halloween in classic Dead by Daylight style with The Midnight Grove Event Tome.

From October 21st to November 11th, The Midnight Grove event welcomes new Survivor Mikaela Reid into the Fog with special content set to fill the Entity’s Realm with rewards, challenges, an extra-eerie atmosphere, and special stories written by Mikaela herself – all for a very limited time.

Check out The Midnight Grove Trailer below, then read on for all the event details.


Halloween is all about atmos-fear. Logging in during The Midnight Grove event will give players a chance to celebrate the season surrounded by special themed hooks and generators, themed items available through the Bloodweb, spooky load screens, and a creepy Halloween lobby.


Scattered throughout trials for the duration of The Midnight Grove Event, players will notice new interactable jack-o-lanterns around the map. Smash them to complete specific Event Tome challenges, earn Bloodpoints, and roll the dice for a small trick or treat each time in the form a minor speed buff/debuff. Both Survivors and Killers can find and interact with these pumpkins.

Venturing into the trials to complete challenges across The Observer’s Auris Web will also unlock a special series of scary stories written by Mikaela Reid for the Endless Halloween Festival.


The Midnight Grove also brings with it special outfits and charms that can ONLY be earned or unlocked over the 2-week duration of the event


  • Mikaela Reid: Witching Hour Outfit
    The witchy costume Mikaela wore on-stage at the Endless Halloween Festival shortly before disappearing into the Fog.
  • The Doctor: The Transplant Outfit
    The results of a challenging experiment that brought The Doctor to the brink of madness.


  • Black Cat
  • Neacrow 
  • Bing Bong Boo 


  • To help make sure we see you in the Fog this Halloween season, we’re serving up a sinister one-time login reward of 666,666 Bloodpoints for anyone brave enough to step into the Entity’s Realm at any point during the Midnight Grove Event.

Tome 9: CRESCENDO  features three brand-new spooky tales from the world of Dead by Daylight. For the first time ever a pair of those stories will intersect, presenting two very different perspectives of a single chilling event. Join All-Kill's The Trickster and Yun-Jin lee as an abduction on the eve of a violent storm creates two distinct journeys that will put their relationship to the test.

The Observer’s Auris web also features brand-new Halloween-themed challenges as part of The Midnight Grove.

Explore The Archives to unravel the mysteries of Dead by Daylight HERE


Dead by Daylight is also adding a few extra treats for you to enjoy this October!

  • The Trickster Instagram Filter:
    Available October 25th
  • Mikaela Reid Instagram Filter:
    UPDATE: Available October 27th 

Our latest Survivor comes complete with her own spooky style that sets her apart from everyone else in the Fog. Now, thanks to our new Instagram filter you can also rock Mikaela’s signature shock of thick red hair and witchy Halloween hat – all without having to put in any of the actual work. And since not everyone is born with this much style, we’re also adding a filter for The Trickster designed to help anyone live out their K-pop dreams in a snap. 

Want to get more familiar with the characters behind the new filters? Learn everything there is to know about Mikaela and the Trickster.

This is one black cat you’ll want to see cross your path. Starting today, a special Halloween keychain will be available for purchase in the Dead by Daylight store. Identical to the new charm also being released in-game, the keychain features a classic black cat with piercing yellow eyes, wearing a witch’s hat in the spirit of the season.


Halloween isn’t just the perfect time to play Dead by Daylight – it’s the perfect time to get your friends hooked on it, too. From October 21st to October 25th, we’ll be running a free trial on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Stadia for anyone looking to dip their toes into the Fog.


Deals so good it’s scary. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to start or expand your Dead by Daylight experience, this is it!

During the back half of October we’ll be offering a slew of discounts to make it easier than ever to spend Halloween with a controller in your hand and terror in your heart.


The deals all begin in Dead by Daylight’s very own in-game store starting with 50% off ALL characters released prior to the Resident Evil Chapter. Nemesis, Jill Valentine, and Leon S. Kennedy are also all being offered at 20% off.

If you’re looking for cosmetics, we’re also offering up to 75% off all previously released Halloween outfits, and more!

And remember – all in-game discounts are on Auric Cell prices only. Sale ends Sunday, October 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Visit the Dead by Daylight in-game store for full pricing details.  


We’ll also have a series of great deals running across all platforms where Dead by Daylight is available. Keep an eye out and save big.  

Players can enjoy up to 60% off all chapters released prior to Hellraiser, and much, much more. Depending on the platform, Halloween sale dates will end between October 31st and November 4th. Details vary, so visit your favorite platform store for all available discounts and dates. 

Don’t forget – Stranger Things content is only on sale for a little while longer. Grab the DLC, the Edition, or any characters and outfits you have your eye on while you can!  

All the details on the Stranger Things Last Chance Sale live right here

Now get ready to smash some pumpkins and score some rewards while you celebrate Halloween in the best way you can: playing Dead by Daylight. 

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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