The Archives / Tome V - Unleashed
October 21 – January 6

Prepare for a new adventure in Dead by Daylight – engaging lore, exciting challenges and prestigious rewards await those who enter The Archives.

Tome V

Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. As you brave your way through haunting new challenges, you will uncover the never-seen-before memories of Max Thompson Jr. (The Hillbilly), Nea Karlsson, and Talbot Grimes (The Blight).

New Goals

Complete Challenges to progress further in the Tome and its associated Rift. Each Tome is separated into several Levels, each containing a new layout for the Auris Web with more Challenges, Lore Entries, Bloodpoints, and Rift Fragments.

The Observer’s Auris Web features new Halloween-themed Challenges. Take on the role of a Survivor and interact with the Pustula Flowers that have bloomed throughout The Entity’s Realm to harvest them for rewards and Bloodpoints. Venture into the trials and complete challenges exclusive to The Blight to uncover the story of Talbot Grimes’ slow descent into madness and his journey in The Entity’s Realm.

All previous Tome Challenges are available through the Compendium menu.

The Rift

With each Tome comes a new Rift, bringing brand new, time-limited rewards to collect by completing Challenges. In the UNLEASHED Rift, earn over 60 items including 10 new outfits, to be yours forever even once the Rift closes.

Unlock the Rift
Pass in-game

Get instant access to 3 exclusive items for 1,000 Auric Cells.
Earn it all back by playing the game.

Welcome to
The Archives

This new feature aims to deepen every player’s Dead by Daylight experience by continuously bringing new fun and exciting content into the Fog. Discover the secrets of The Entity and The Observer through a new Tome and time-limited Rift every Mid-Chapter.

World-Building Lore

Explore in-depth stories of your favorite characters. Uncover memories through the Auris to learn more about their lives, before they were taken into the different realms of The Entity.

New Challenges

Complete in-game Challenges from each Tome to earn more lore and progress through The Rift.

Exclusive Rewards

Earn free time-limited rewards through The Rift, including new cosmetics, Auric Cells, and Charms – a new cosmetic debuting in The Archives. Also unlock The Rift Pass for access to even more premium rewards.


How can I access more Challenges?

More Challenges will become available over time with new Levels, which will release several weeks after each other, with a total of four (4) Levels for Tome I.

Some Master Challenges may also require specific Perks. Any character-specific Perks will be made available to unlock in the Shrine of Secrets, via Iridescent Shards, during various weeks while the associated Rift is active.

How do I unlock The Rift Pass?
  1. Enter The Archives
  2. Navigate to The Rift tab
  3. Click the “UNLOCK PASS” button just below the Premium rewards.
  4. The Rift Pass can then be unlocked with 1,000 Auric Cells.
  5. After unlocking the Rift Pass, the same button can be used to unlock Tiers with 100 Auric Cells each.
What happens if I unlock The Rift Pass after I already earned Tiers?

All rewards for your previous and current Tiers would then be earned and available. Future Tiers earned would provide their associated Free and Premium rewards once reached.

For example, if you have already made progress in The Rift to reach Tier 10 and then unlock The Rift Pass, you will instantly earn all of the Premium rewards for Tier 10 and earlier.

What happens when The Rift closes?

When The Rift closes after 70 days, all earned and claimed rewards will be yours to keep. If you didn’t enter The Rift to claim some earned rewards, they will then be auto-claimed on your next launch or end-of-match, whichever happens first.

All Challenges and their rewards will remain playable. However, Rift Fragments will no longer be available as rewards from this Tome.

If you missed some rewards in The Rift, most of them will eventually be available in our in-game store after a minimum period of 6 months. (More details to be revealed at a later date.)

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