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Dead by Daylight Announces The Archives: Playable Challenges, New Lore & More


Dead by Daylight has revealed the upcoming arrival of The Archives, a new feature that expands the stories of all your favorite Killers and Survivors. 

During our 3rd Anniversary stream last May, we have revealed a brand-new feature coming this fall – The Archives. With a couple of weeks until the official launch of this feature, we are happy to present a preview to our players.  

This brand-new feature will provide players with more playable content, more lore and stories to discover, and more cosmetics and rewards to unlock.  

The Archives

The Archives will expand every element of Dead by Daylight. It will continuously bring new content into the game for characters players love… and some whom they have yet to meet, including The Observer, master of The Archives. 

The Archives will come in two parts: The Tome and The Rift. In each Tome, players will have access to Challenges that permit them to unlock Memory and Log lore content, Bloodpoints, and time-limited rewards from The Rift. Expect a new Tome to be released each Mid-Chapter, accompanied by a new time-limited Rift. 

So, what is this mysterious place labelled The Archives? How did it come to be  Players will have to go into the Fog to find out... 

tome I: awakening

At the core of The Archives is the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through this device, the players access a series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his overall role. 


Players will be able to complete various types of objectives in these Challenges to progress further in The Tome and its associated Rift. Furthermore, more difficult Challenges can only be unlocked by completing preceding Challenges.  

Types of Challenges: 

  • Challenges will offer basic objectives accumulating over multiple Trials  
  • Master Challenges will require a set of conditions to be met within one Trial 

If players stumped on a Challenge, they will be able to pause it and try another. Progress will remain until they return. Also, Bloodpoints will be awarded for every completed Challenge. 

Some Master Challenges will require the use of specific Perks. To help players with this, these required Perks will be made available in the Shrine of Secrets for at least one week each, until the next Tome is released. So, players should make sure to check out the Shrine each week in the Store menu. 

More types of Challenges with new and fun objectives will be added as time goes on. This is just the beginning!

Tome Levels

The Challenges for each Tome will be separated into various Levels. Each Level contains a different layout of the Auris Web, with new Challenges, new Entries, and even more Bloodpoints and Rift Fragments.  

Reaching the last node of a Level will also award a Completion Charm and a lump sum of Rift Fragments. Completion Charms for each Level will be progressively more complex and rare than the ones before it. 

We want to tell our stories over a longer period and encourage players to return to the game to experience them. We are looking at these Levels as new episodes releasing for their favorite show, and each Tome being a new season.  

Also, Level I will always release alongside a new Tome, but Levels II+ will release several weeks after.  

Level Release Schedule 

  • Level II: November 13th  
  • Level III: November 27th 
  • Level IV: December 18th  

Please note these release dates are subject to change. All previously unlocked levels will remain available once released, but will stop providing progression towards The Rift once the relevant Rift has expired. 


Many Challenges will also award Memory/Log Entries for the Collection–where all collected lore is stored and available to view at any time. Multiple Memories/Logs will release with each Tome, with some containing a special reward once the final Entry has been collected. 

With this approach, we are committed to expanding the lore of Dead by Daylight. To support this, every Entry released will be permanently available to unlock. All past Tomes will remain playable no matter when a player started playing Dead by Daylight. 

the rift

Each Tome will always be accompanied by a new Rift, a tear through the Entity's Fog containing a multitude of rewards from other worlds and memories. These time-limited rewards will be earned simply by playing the game and progressing in The Tome. Most of these rewards will be related to the current Tome’s lore and/or seasonal events. 

There will be tons of rewards available in each Rift, with 70 Tiers of FREE and PREMIUM rewards worth over 20,000 Auric Cells total. Here is a sneak peek of what players can unlock: 

  • New Outfits and Cosmetics 
    • Complete new items + variations of existing cosmetics 
  • Charms (New cosmetic type! Read more further below.) 
  • Putrid Serum Halloween event currency (60 total) 
    • Use to unlock up to 6 cosmetic pieces from the Hallowed Blight or Hallowed Catalyst collections 
  • Auric Cells (1,000 total) 

Most rewards will be exclusively available via The Archives for a period of time and released into the Store at least 6 months after their Rift has ended. More information will be provided at a later date. 

Our goal is that everybody has access to the amazing content the team has created. Therefore, nearly all content from each Rift will eventually arrive in the Store. Of course, some seasonal items will wait until it makes sense again, such as our Halloween related content. We want to maintain the level of fairness we have strived for in Dead by Daylight–to create options for obtaining rewards that are respectful of our players. 

All players will have access to rewards on the FREE track and, should they want even more cool rewards, the PREMIUM track will be accessible by unlocking The Rift Pass. Tier progress between the two will remain consistent for all players, so if a tier is reached on the FREE track and The Rift Pass and is later unlocked, players will also earn every PREMIUM reward from previous tiers, retroactively as well. 

Rift Fragments

A Rift Fragment is a reward currency the player collects that earns them progress in The Rift. Rift Fragments can be earned by doing the below: 

  • Completing Challenges in the current Tome 
  • Playing the game 

This last one uses Player Level XP and accumulates them towards earning a Rift Fragment at the end of each Trial. Progress towards the next Rift Fragment will be displayed in The Archives widget. Players should remember there are XP bonuses for both first Survivor and Killer matches of the day! 

After reaching a Tier and unlocking rewards, players should make sure to enter The Rift menu again to claim them. When The Rift ends, any unclaimed rewards will be given on the next launch of the game or on the next tally screen encountered, whichever comes first. 

Rift Duration

Each Rift will be available for 70 days. After this period, the rewards within a specific Rift will no longer be available via The Archives, and Rift Fragments will no longer be available as rewards via Challenges, Level Completion, or Player Level XP. 

We know not everyone has time to play as much as they would like to, and some players will arrive later during an active Rift. For these players, we have added the choice to Unlock Tiers for 100 Auric Cells each, if they already own The Rift Pass. This will effectively give 10 Rift Fragments per unlocked Tier, so any progress towards their next tier is carried over.

Rift Pass

Players will be able to unlock The Rift Pass for 1,000 Auric Cells:

  • Unlocking a Rift Pass immediately grants rewards from Tier 1 Premium. Players will be able to try out some new Charms right away! 
  • All 1,000 Auric Cells can be earned back (plus other rewards) as players progress through The Rift.  
  • A new Rift Pass will be available to unlock with each new Rift, when it launches alongside its respective Tome.  

Our goal for our first Tome and Rift is to base our completion targets on the average daily play time of 1 hour/user, provided by our internal data. Given this, completion of The Rift and all its rewards should take roughly 70 to 80 hours of gameplay, provided players accomplish Challenges from each role.  

We want everything to feel achievable within a reasonable amount of time for all players, to not feel like any reward is unfairly out of reach.  We will be gathering all sorts of feedback to ensure The Archives is enjoyable for many updates to come, for all players. 

The Archives Widget

To help keep players aware of progress, all relevant information for the current Tome and Rift will be accessible via a new collapsible widget at the right-side of the lobby and tally screens. It contains a load of information, to help players experience The Archives to its fullest.


Charms are a brand-new cosmetic reward debuting exclusively in The Archives as accessories for Survivors and Hook-ornaments for Killers. Players will find that many are tied to the characters and lore from the Memories and Logs. 

Four (4) universal Charms will be permanently earnable in The Tome as Level Completion Charms, but any found in The Rift will disappear from The Archives once The Rift closes.  

Three (3) Charms will be immediately available at Tier 1 Premium for players with The Rift Pass. We hope you enjoy them! 

The Archives is currently only available in the Mid-Chapter 13 PTB (PC only). The full release on all platforms will take place in several weeks.  

This is the beginning of a great future for Dead by Daylight. We have amazing ideas to bring to The Archives, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Now, try it out for yourselves and let us know your thoughts! 

The Dead by Daylight team 

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