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Dead by Daylight Welcomes Horror Icon, Chucky


Dead by Daylight is thrilled to welcome the Good Guy himself, Chucky, with a new Chapter that features the infamous killer doll in full murderous glory. He’s also the first Killer to use a third-person camera, which is an exciting change for Dead by Daylight fans.   

Over the years, The Fog has welcomed its share of legendary horror icons, but one cannot discuss a roster of this calibre without Chucky. It was previously believed that his size would make it impossible to bring him into The Fog, where the Killer gameplay loop revolves around picking up, carrying, and hooking Survivors.  

That didn’t stop the team from trying to make it happen, and now we’re thrilled to finally celebrate the arrival of the most notorious of serial killers - Charles Lee Ray. To help us capture the essence of the character, we were honored that Brad Dourif, Chucky’s original voice actor, reprised his iconic role and recorded new lines for the foul-mouthed doll.  

Players will be able to customize their little Killer through a series of terrifying Outfits fit for only the most notorious of killers. In a unique twist, players can even go as far as customizing their Killer with The Good Gal Outfit. Inspired by Tiffany Valentine aka the Bride of Chucky and voiced by the legendary Jennifer Tilly, this Outfit brings Chucky’s other half to life like never before.


Given his size, it’s fair to refer to Chucky as a stealth Killer of sorts, capable of hiding behind even the shortest obstacles in the map. With a deadly lunging attack, Chucky can quickly close the gap on Survivors, letting out a maniacal laugh before taking them down them with his twisted glee.

His larger-than-life rage and pint-sized stature let him vault through windows and under pallets allowing him to close in on his unsuspecting prey, unlike any other Killer before via his Scamper ability. From the iconic rat poisoning scene from Curse of Chucky, the deathly yardstick from Child’s Play 2, or even the electrifying TV from Bride of Chucky, there are a variety of Add-Ons inspired by iconic kills that really bring the franchise to life.


There are many Perks to being a killer doll...literally. Chucky comes with 3 unique character Perks, each one designed to maximize the playful nature of his cruelty. His first is Hex: Two Can Play, which blinds any Survivor that dares to stun or blind you.  

It might be wise to pair this one with another Hex Perk, encouraging them to attempt a Cleanse...only to be swiftly stabbed by your trusty knife.  


Everyone knows that one friend that’s a little, how do we put this...obsessed? Enter Chucky’s second Perk, Friends ‘Til The End. When you hook a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession will become exposed and briefly reveal their aura. When you hook the Obsession, a random Survivor will scream and become the Obsession.  

Provided you have access to additional character Perks, it could be fun to pair this one with Obsession-centric Perks like Rancor, Nemesis, Game Afoot, or Dark Devotion.

Chucky’s third and final Perk is Batteries Included, which is meant to capitalize on a Survivor’s success and turn their hope into pain. Whenever a Generator is complete, entering its vicinity will grant you a movement speed boost for as long as you remain in range.  


Picture this – you know Survivors are about to finish a Generator, but you’re just out of reach. Now, you’ll be able to catch up to fleeing Survivors and down them before they can get to a potentially safe loop.  

AM4868_DBD-CH30_CERT_PR_Screenshots_Perk03-Generator_POST_VF_1920x1080.png   It’s always a cause for celebration when a horror icon enters The Fog, and Chucky brings an exciting new gameplay style for Killer players to experience. Try him out yourself, and who knows – you might wind up discovering the best friend you never knew you needed. 

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight Team 

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