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Dead by Daylight Welcomes Alan Wake Into The Fog


Dead by Daylight is thrilled to welcome Alan Wake, bestselling author of such books as The Fall of Alex Casey and The Sudden Stop, into The Fog. Die-hard fans might even recognize him for his work on the cult-hit Night Springs, which preceded the release of his wildly popular Alex Casey series.

Dead by Daylight takes pride in honouring the incredible horror characters released across a variety of mediums, from film to video games. Now, another gaming legend has joined our roster – Remedy’s Alan Wake, the titular protagonist from the acclaimed series. Since his introduction in 2010, Alan’s mind-bending horror story has spanned across several games, including Control in 2019, with the recent Alan Wake 2 having released in October this year.

“We are thrilled to bring Alan Wake, our tortured writer, into the acclaimed Dead by Daylight. We feel the lore of our two horror experiences is a match made in the Dark Place and can't wait to experience the horrors that await him in the Fog,” says Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment.

Alan Wake's likeness is based on the physical actor of the character, Ilkka Villi, and, of course, the Chapter wouldn’t be complete without Alan Wake’s iconic voice, brought to life in-game by Matthew Porretta. He’s reprised his role for Dead by Daylight, recording a number of original voice lines and cries. Yes – that’s really Alan Wake you’re hearing scream. He also recorded material for several of our marketing assets, including the Chapter’s Launch Trailer, CGI Trailer, and Spotlight Trailer.


Hardened by his harrowing encounters in Bright Falls and beyond, Alan Wake has developed several keen survival abilities, manifested here as his 3 character Perks. His first is Champion of Light, which grants you additional movement speed while shining a Flashlight. If you successfully Blind a Killer, they will gain the Hindered Status Effect, temporarily slowing them down.

“I squeezed the flashlight like my life depended on it, willing it to stop coming any closer.” – Departure

Tip: If you really want the Killer to fear the light, pair this Perk with Haddie Kaur’s Residual Manifest, which will saddle them with the Blindness Status Effect.

ZODIAC-WEB_Screenshot_ Perk1-ChampionOfLight.V2.png

Use Boon: Illumination to create a Boon Totem, allowing all nearby Survivors to see the Auras of Generators and Chests across the Map. When you have a lit Boon Totem, you’ll also Cleanse and Bless Totems faster.

"A shift in reality. Heavy with hidden meanings" – Return

Tip: Try this Perk alongside Haddie Kaur’s Overzealous to raise your efficiency on Generators after scoping them out.

ZODIAC-WEB_Screenshot_ Perk2-BoonIllumination.png

Sometimes, you just have to write through a hand-cramp. Deadline activates when you’re injured, upping the frequency of Skill Checks while Healing Survivors or Repairing Generators. Should you happen to miss one, the penalty will be halved.

“The night had been one desperate situation after another.” – Departure

Tip: This Perk will pair nicely with synergistic Skill Check-related Perks (use the in-game search bar to narrow down your favourite available options) which could allow for some interesting loadouts.

ZODIAC-WEB_Screenshot_ Perk3-Deadline.png

From one Dark Place to another, Alan Wake’s story continues in The Fog. Though there’s plenty of darkness where he’s going, as long as there are flashlights to wield, we're certain he’ll be just fine.

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight Team 

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