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Look, it’s not always easy to keep romance alive within The Entity’s realm. Everyone is constantly running, making it difficult to sustain meaningful conversation. Hook tears and pallet splinters ruin outfits at an alarming rate. And that’s not even factoring in how many budding courtships have been ruined by an unsafe rescue.  

Still, it’s hard to forget the joys of simpler times. For Kate Denson and David King, memories of Valentine’s Day still provide a bit of much-needed comfort – though for the latter, said memories are a little on the blurry side. 

  • Kate Denson – Valentine Date Outfit – VERY RARE 

Though being a successful singer certainly had its perks, it had become increasingly difficult for Kate Denson to enjoy the quiet moments. This Valentine’s Day, she resolved to get away, planning a special date night brimming with romance and excitement.  

  • David King – Heartbreaker's Suit Outfit – VERY RARE 

Broken noses are one thing, but broken hearts? Those actually make David King feel slightly guilty – if only for a moment. Nothing a little bit of carousing and romancing can’t fix. Plus, the royal purple does a bang-up job of masking those pesky blood stains.  


And of course, there’s The Trickster, who never misses an opportunity for showmanship. Fitting that he’d use Valentine’s Day to celebrate the one thing he loves the most: himself.  

  • The Trickster – God of Desire – ULTRA RARE 

Stage lights customized to enhance his most prominent features. Set design perfectly colour-coordinated with his intricate and suggestive costume. A crowd of adoring fans, all screaming his name in unison. And yet...he still found it difficult to leave his dressing room mirror.  


We spoke with Product Store Manager Rose Li about the Vain Valentine Collection, which highlights a rarely seen romantic side of some of your favourite characters. “We are receiving floods of requests daily for more Trickster customizations,” she reveals. “He is such a popular killer that we decided to cook up something extra special for him for Valentine's Day.”  

“As a K-Pop star, it would be no surprise for him to hold a Valentine's Day concert and have a tailored costume made for the event,” she continues. “We not only made him a Cupid inspired outfit, but also gave his fans the finger-heart gesture they've been waiting for as a unique animation.” 

“This is the first time we've added outfit related in-match voice lines,” continues Li. “The Trickster will say some special things when wearing his V-day outfit! We also collaborated with our audio team to give the entire collection a customized background music. Happy Valentine's Day!” 

Be sure to look for Kate Denson David King, and The Trickster’s Vain Valentine outfits in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.  

See you in The Fog! 

The Dead by Daylight Team

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