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Dead by Daylight’s 6TH Anniversary Limited-Time Event: The Twisted Masquerade


Come one, come all to the Twisted Masquerade.

Dead by Daylight’s 6th Anniversary Event is here, featuring a new offering, event-themed hooks and generators, and lavish cosmetic rewards to earn for Killers and Survivors. Seek your invitation and experience a celebration for the ages – provided you live to remember it.


From June 16th 11:30AM ET - 30th 11:30AM ET, the Entity’s realms will undergo a luxurious transformation. Sights you’ve come to recognize – generators, hooks, lockers, and more – have all been decorated for this gleefully twisted occasion. The Bloodweb will also be filled with several limited-time event items, including Masquerade Flashlights, Toolboxes, Medkits, and the return of the Anniversary Bloodpoint offering.









For the duration of the Twisted Masquerade, Invitations will be placed throughout every trial. Housed atop an ornate pillar of black and gold, these Invitations will move around the map, triggering a sound cue after relocation. Upon finding one, both Killers and Survivors can claim their Invitations to earn up to 12 exclusive mask cosmetics.

To successfully receive the reward, Killer players must finish a match after interacting with an Invitation. Survivor players must survive until an escape option becomes available, meaning the Exit Gates or the Hatch must open. Be careful, however – if you are left on a hook or killed the moment the Exit Gates or Hatch open, you’ll have to try again next trial.


This is a masquerade and make no mistake – it's a twisted one. With such a deadly dress code in place, it’s only fitting that successfully claiming Invitations will earn you up to 12 collectible masks for 6 Killers and 6 Survivors.
Seeing as it’s been 6 years together in The Fog, we’ve been feeling a little nostalgic. When choosing the recipients of these masks, we made sure to highlight two characters from each year of Dead by Daylight. Step into The Fog, seek out your Invitation, and unlock them all. Please note that these mask cosmetics unlock in a random order, regardless of which role you play.



The Trapper

The Huntress

The Spirit

The Deathslinger

The Trickster

The Artist


Dwight Fairfield

Ace Visconti

Jane Romero

Yui Kimura

Elodie Rakoto

Mikaela Reid


While the DEVOTION Tome remains ongoing, The Twisted Masquerade also introduces a separate Event Tome complete with two levels of brand-new Challenges to overcome. As for the central characters, this Tome is all about our Guests of Honor: The Dredge and Haddie Kaur.

Complete event-inspired challenges in this Tome to unlock exclusive – and downright luxurious – Anniversary outfits for Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer and Survivor:

The Dredge – Masquerade Colors


Haddie Kaur – Masquerade Outfit


By progressing through the Event Tome, players can also unlock three brand new 6th Anniversary Charms: Rancid Cupcake, Pop-Up Card, and Celebratory Skull. One of the nice things about charms is how they’re something of a time capsule. A way to tell your fellow players “I was there.” Commemorate your attendance to the Twisted Masquerade with these charms by completing Event Tome challenges. Speaking of which...


Each Event Tome level features a Community Challenge track, where players around the world must unite to accomplish a common goal. You’ll notice a pair of bars present in each challenge – these are the personal and global progression bars, with the latter being a culmination of the community’s combined efforts. Contribute by filling your personal contribution bar, as you won’t be able to progress to the next challenge until you do – even if the global progression bar is full.


It’s a time for celebration, and we want to pay it forward – after all, we wouldn’t be here without you. For the duration of the Twisted Masquerade, we’re offering daily login rewards of in-game currency. Each gift period begins at 11 AM ET and ends 24 hours later.
The daily login rewards include various forms of in-game currency, including a total of 900,000 Bloodpoints, 4,500 Iridescent Shards, and 35 Rift Fragments. For more information, check out our complete schedule of Twisted Masquerade giveaways.

16 Jun - 30 Jun: 600,000 Bloodpoints (available as a one-time login bonus)

17 Jun - 18 Jun: 5 Rift Fragments

18 Jun - 19 Jun: 1,000 Iridescent Shards

19 Jun - 20 Jun: 5 Rift Fragments

20 Jun - 21 Jun: 50,000 Bloodpoints

21 Jun - 22 Jun: 5 Rift Fragments

22 Jun - 23 Jun: 100,000 Bloodpoints

23 Jun - 24 Jun: 1,500 Iridescent Shards

24 Jun - 25 Jun: 100,000 Bloodpoints

25 Jun - 26 Jun: 10 Rift Fragments

26 Jun - 27 Jun: 1,000 Iridescent Shards

27 Jun - 28 Jun: 50,000 Bloodpoints

28 Jun - 29 Jun: 1,000 Iridescent Shards

29 Jun - 30 Jun: 10 Rift Fragments


Several new and updated Collections have arrived in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store, bringing new outfits for The Dredge, Haddie Kaur, and many more.

Highlight the grotesque horror of The Dredge with the Malicious Mannequin Collection, available in the in-game store on June 7th.

Spend a moment in the sun with these new additions to the Waterfront Massacre Collection, with outfits for Haddie Kaur, Mikaela Reid, and Felix Richter. Available in the in-game store on June 7th.

What happens when the insects are the exterminators? Find out with the Chrysalis Collection, which features new outfits for The Deathslinger, The Doctor, and Nea Karlsson. Available in the in-game store on June 14th.

Enjoy some quality time with the Summer Vacation Collection, introducing two new cosmetics for Dwight Fairfield and Kate Denson. Available in the in-game store on July 4th.

All Collections are available for purchase in the in-game store.


We know how it is. Sometimes, the mood strikes and you simply must try a new character. Now is the perfect time to do exactly that, thanks to our ongoing Anniversary Sale. From now until June 30th, 11 AM EST, enjoy discounts on every Dead by Daylight character – except for those in the Sadako Rising Chapter. Not only that, but every outfit released in the store before June 7th (Roots of Dread Chapter release) will be 30% off!

Discounts on Auric Cell prices

All Characters before Sadako Rising – 50% OFF

The Cenobite & Mikaela Reid – 30% OFF

All Outfits – 30% OFF

Perhaps you’re looking to experience Dead by Daylight for the first time, or pick up a copy on a new gaming platform. We’re offering sales on the base game and select editions on all Steam, Stadia, Switch, Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. More specific details are available on your platform of choice.

Steam: June 7-21

Stadia: June 7-14

Switch: June 9-19

Xbox: June 7-16

Windows: June 7-16

PlayStation: June 8-22


After a grueling twelve-hour gaming session, Feng Min started seeing pink elephants. These two fan-favorite Community Outfits for Feng Min and The Clown are now available for purchase at 50% until July 5th.

  • Feng Min – Demon Slayer – 50% OFF
  • The Clown – Mr. Puddles – 50% OFF

We hope you enjoy your time with the Twisted Masquerade, and once again, we’d like to thank you for spending time with us in The Fog. Be sure to enjoy the festivities, burn those sweet Flan offerings, and collect all twelve Anniversary masks.

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