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Chapter 27: Dead by Daylight: Tools Of Torment


Keep your eyes to the sky.

Dead by Daylight’s Tools Of Torment Chapter is here, featuring a new Killer – The Skull Merchant – and two new Survivors, Thalita Lyra and Renato Lyra. The Shelter Woods Map has also been updated to include The Skull Merchant’s Hunting Camp. Purchasing this add-on unlocks 3 exclusive Cosmetics: The Skull Merchant’s Slipshod Prototype, Thalita Lyra’s Golden Ambition, and Renato Lyra’s Golden Touch.

Learn more about The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra, and everything coming to Dead by Daylight with Chapter 27: Tools Of Torment.


A cunning and ruthless hunter, The Skull Merchant strives to be the ultimate apex predator. Using her gruesome Drones to track Survivors, she specializes in creating a deadly web of surveillance. Many have fallen prey to her dark innovations, their bones later repurposed into her next invention.


Eyes In The Sky

The Skull Merchant can position several Drones around the Map. When a Drone is placed, it quickly enters Active Mode and casts a Detection Zone. While inside of this Detection Zone, you will be Undetectable.

When a Survivor enters a Detection Zone, the Drone will gradually begin to Lock-On to them. When a Survivor reaches full Lock-On, their location will be revealed through Killer Instinct. They will also become Exposed.

If a Survivor is not detected for a while, the Drone will enter Scouting Mode. While in Scouting Mode, the Drone will slowly rotate to catch Survivors in its line of sight. Once a Survivor is detected, the Drone will return to Active Mode.

Special Ability - Claw Trap: A Survivor can attempt to disable a Drone by Hacking it. If they succeed, they will receive a Claw Trap, which will reveal their location on your handheld Radar device. Should they fail, the Drone will immediately enter Active Mode and Lock-On to them, leaving them Exposed.

The Skull Merchant’s Perks

Game Afoot: When you hit the most-chased Survivor, they become the Obsession. While chasing the Obsession, kicking Generators and breaking Walls or Pallets will grant a temporary speed boost.

THWACK!: Upon Hooking a Survivor, the next Breakable Wall or Pallet you break will cause nearby Survivors to Scream and briefly reveal their Aura.

Leverage: Gain a Token each time you Hook a Survivor, up to 10. This Perk activates whenever a Survivor is Hooked. Each Token reduces Survivor healing speed for a moderate duration.


A dreamer in a dark place, not even The Fog can shroud Thalita Lyra’s boundless spirit. Though her kite-fighting days may be over, her creativity and charm are still going strong – even if she may get a little competitive from time to time.

Thalita Lyra’s Perks

Cut Loose: After performing a fast vault in a chase, you have a brief duration to perform silent fast vault. If you do, the duration timer will be reset.

Friendly Competition: When you complete a Generator with any other Survivors, you and those Survivors will temporarily receive a small Generator repair speed boost.

Teamwork: Power of Two: When you finish Healing a Survivor, you will both receive a movement speed boost for as long you remain together. The boost will end when you separate or one of you loses a Health State.


Introverted and meditative, Renato Lyra has never been one to rush – unless, of course, he’s kite-fighting. Forced to adapt to The Fog’s deadly pace, his analytical mind and inspiring dreamer’s heart have proven uniquely valuable survival tools.

Renato Lyra’s Perks

Background Player: When the Killer picks up another Survivor, Background Player activates for a brief duration. The next time you start running, break into a sprint and gain a temporary burst of speed. This Perk causes the Exhaustion status effect and cannot be used while Exhausted.

Blood Rush: Blood Rush activates when you are one Hook away from death. When Healthy, you can press the Active Ability button to lose a Health State but instantly recover from the Exhausted Status. This process will temporarily grant you the Broken Status, though if you manage to survive that process, you’ll return to full health.

Blood Rush can only be used once a Trial.

Teamwork: Collective Stealth: When a Survivor finishes Healing you, neither of you will leave Scratch Marks while you’re in close proximity. The benefit ends if you separate, or if one of you becomes Injured.


Deep in the heart of the Shelter Woods lies The Skull Merchant’s Hunting Camp, where luxury and brutality coalesce. Many grotesque tools have been crafted within its walls. The high life indeed.


Since The Realm Beyond was first announced during our Fourth Year Anniversary Stream, many of the game’s original Maps and Realms have undergone a complete visual rework. For this update, we took a lengthy visit to the Red Forest Realm, which includes the Maps Temple of Purgation and Mother’s Dwelling. How about a nice, long walk in the woods?


Since their arrival in Custom Games, Bots have been welcomed with open arms. Not only can you practice in a low-stakes environment, but they also allow you to fill the gaps when your friends can’t make the session.

We’ve since made some improvements to our Bots, which should allow your Custom Games to feel a little more in line with the live experience. Moving forward, Bots can now equip Perk loadouts, though certain Perks are too complex for them to use at the moment.


There are plenty of Maps in Dead by Daylight – over 30, and still counting – but sometimes it can feel as if you’re stuck seeing the same ones over and over. We’ve all had nights like this.

Luckily, this update includes an improvement to the Map selection process. Now, the possibility that players in a Trial will see the same Map as their previous Trial has been reduced to near-zero. It’s also unlikely that they will be sent to a recently visited Map, though the likelihood will be a little higher. This will not impact the efficacy of Map Offerings, nor will it affect Custom Games.

Please note that this feature will be disabled for the first week of release, as we’d like to allow players a chance to visit the new and reworked Maps. During this period, the Shelter Woods Map and the Red Forest Realm will appear with increased frequency.

We hope you enjoy everything Chapter 27: Tools Of Torment has to offer. We hope you enjoy experiencing this...cutting edge technology...with The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, and Renato Lyra.

See you in The Fog,
The Dead by Daylight team.

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