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Dead by Daylight’s Tome 12: DISCORDANCE: New Memories for The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, & More


When reality unravels, madness is never far behind. Perception bends and reason crumbles in Tome 12: DISCORDANCE, featuring new memories for The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, and the House of Arkham. Continue their stories by completing challenges found throughout each of the Tome’s four levels.


The Blight – The Human Quotient

Beneath the sweltering desert heat, Talbot Grimes sought scientific discovery. Theories of other dimensions gnawed at him, bleeding into every waking thought. But if reality can contort beyond recognition...so too can the body and mind.


Jonah Vasquez – Legacy of Deceit

It didn’t matter if Jonah laid the proof on the table for all to see. An ancient cult spilling blood to fuel their dark machinations is hardly an easy sell – especially when their influence runs deep. Still, he knew he had to blow this one wide open, even if it meant putting his life on the line.


The House of Arkham

Even after The Observer’s disappearance, the tower stands unwavering amidst The Fog. Within the confines of its walls, a band of newcomers seek to understand the nature of their strange and perilous new reality.



Earn over 60 items including 12 new outfits, to be yours forever – even once the Rift closes.

All players may traverse the Free Track, unearthing cosmetics along the way. Delve further and unlock the Rift Pass to access the Premium Track, where even more Cosmetics await – and with them, memories of a long-faded past.

Tome 12: DISCORDANCE includes new outfits for The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, Claudette Morel, The Nurse, and more.

The Blight – Invasive Species

Jonah Vasquez – Infiltration Gear

Claudette Morel – Science Girl

The Nurse – The Accident

Mikaela Reid – Hecate’s Offering

and many more...



Complete challenges to progress further in the Tome and its associated Rift. Tomes are separated into several Levels, each containing a new layout for the Auris Web with more challenges, lore entries, Bloodpoints, and Rift Fragments.

Tome 12 features the new Orange Glyph challenge for Killers. Interacting with the Glyph as Killer will inflict you with a unique negative status effect, with a new effect being added for every unlocked level of the Tome. While hindered by these additional setbacks, the Killer must successfully kill two Survivors to complete the challenge.

The memories of The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, and more await in Tome 12: DISCORDANCE, now available to unlock.

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