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Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter: ASCENSION Tome, Balance Updates, & More


Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter is on the horizon, bringing the ASCENSION Tome, new Cosmetic Collections, and several gameplay balance updates. Here’s a glimpse of everything you can expect to see during the launch of this upcoming Mid-Chapter – which drops on April 18th and April 19th - starting with the reveal trailer below:


Explore the storie s of The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, and Renato Lyra. Laugh in the face of otherworldly evil alongside the inimitable Ash Williams. Progress through the Rift and beyond, completing brand-new gameplay Challenges to unlock post-apocalyptic inspired Cosmetics and Charms. It’s all waiting in The Archives.

Tome 15 Ascension keyart 1920x10180.png


Since The Archives first launched in 2019, the Dead by Daylight omniverse has expanded to include extended backstories for dozens of characters. The process has previously involved unlocking fragmented sections of a specific memory that forms a continuous narrative. Moving forward, we’ll be updating our approach. The ASCENSION Tome will now feature new VISUAL MEMORIES, in addition to the existing text-based format.

We hope you enjoy these new glimpses into the lives of Dead by Daylight’s many characters, beginning with the stars of the ASCENSION Tome: The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra, and Ash Williams.


Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or hunting a human being, the Tools of Torment Collection has you covered with new Outfits for The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, and Renato Lyra. Afterward, explore a post-apocalyptic Realm with the Wasteland Collection, featuring new Outfits for Felix Richter, Haddie Kaur, and The Knight.

Both Collections will be available in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store on April 18th, one day before the release of Tome 15: ASCENSION.

Tome 15 Ascension store keyart 1920x10180.png


It’s been seven years since Dead by Daylight was released, and the game’s roster has grown considerably. As a result, some mechanics have begun to feel out of place. Moving forward, Flashlights will have no specific interactions with certain Killer Powers, meaning The Wraith, The Nurse, The Artist, and The Hag will no longer have to fear those beam-happy Survivors.


This Mid-Chapter release features updates to existing Perks and gameplay mechanics. Several high-performing Perks for both Killer and Survivor have been adjusted: Dead Hard, Boon: Circle of Healing, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Call of Brine, and Overcharge. We’ve also given a boost to a pair of lower-performing Perks, Overzealous and Gearhead, to increase their viability.

These changes should help increase overall build variety, while hopefully alleviating some of the lengthier games that have become increasingly dominant in recent months.

To heighten the impact of chases, we’ve also adjusted self-healing speeds and rebalanced all Survivor Med-Kit Items and Med-Kit Add-Ons to allow for a single heal before depletion (though select Add-Ons can stretch this to 2). This should ensure that injuries sustained during a long chase are not entirely undone within a matter of seconds.

Please note that we will be keeping a close eye on the overall impact of all gameplay and balance changes. For specific details on all Mid-Chapter gameplay updates, please refer to our official Dev Updates. The first , originally released during the PTB, includes Perk updates and more, while the second highlights the changes made after receiving feedback on the PTB.

We hope you enjoy discovering everything this exciting Mid-Chapter has to offer.
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