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Slipknot’s Iconic Masks Come To Dead By Daylight


Sometimes a mask reveals who you really are…

Dead by Daylight and legendary band Slipknot have teamed up to bring their iconic masks to Dead by Daylight with 8 unique Cosmetics for some of our deadliest Killers.

Serving as a powerful vehicle of expression, Slipknot’s terrifying masks reflect the band's apocalyptic sound and the members behind its orchestration. As Slipknot’s brutal soundscapes have evolved, so too has their aesthetic, showcasing the band’s deep well of creativity and rampaging spirit.

Inspired by the band’s recent looks, The Slipknot Collection features masks for The Wraith, The Deathslinger, The Doctor, The Clown, The Hillbilly, The Blight, The Trapper, and a masked full Outfit for The Legion (Frank).

The Wraith — Metallic Grill

Inspired by Mick Thomson (Guitar)

The sound of staccato strings resonated through the realm. The Wraith emerged from the shadows, his fingers tracing the mask that now appeared on his face.

The Deathslinger — Dominant Eye

Inspired by Jim Root (Guitar)

The Deathslinger set his sights on his target as the raw sound of guitar strings erupted in the realm. He grinned and opened fire as an ominous mask manifested over his face.

The Doctor— Zipper Mouthpiece

Inspired by anonymous member (Keyboards)

A mask appeared on The Doctor’s disturbing face after the unsettling tones of a distant keyboard echoed through the realm.

The Clown — Grim Circus

Inspired by Shawn Crahan (Percussion)

From behind his new mask, The Clown cackled at the thunderous clanging that resounded through the realm.

The Hillbilly — Engraved Flesh

Inspired by V-Man (Bass)

Low-frequency vibrations reverberated through the realm, distracting The Hillbilly from his destructive frenzy. He stood in the middle of the cornfield, clutching the mask of flesh that spread across his disfigured face.

The Blight — Molded Visage

Inspired by Michael Pfaff (Percussion)

As a rapid-fire pounding echoed through the realm, a gruesome mask wrapped itself around The Blight’s face, serum gurgling from his maw.

The Trapper — Ashen Quake

Inspired by Corey Taylor (Singer)

A spine-chilling growl echoed through the realm, and The Trapper found his predatory instincts concealed behind a new wicked grin.

The Legion (Frank) — Subliminal Menace — Very Rare

Inspired by Sid Wilson (Turntable)

A sinister scratching noise shattered the stifling atmosphere of the realm, and Frank watched as his mask and clothes began to change.

“Getting to bring Slipknot’s iconic masks to life in Dead by Daylight was incredibly rewarding,” says Kirby Taylor, Product Manager on Dead by Daylight. “Each mask carries a striking, distinct design, so a lot of our creative explorations were focused around finding which Killer was the perfect pairing. Unsurprisingly, they felt right at home in the world of Dead by Daylight. We're excited to see what Outfit combinations players will come up with since most of these can be mixed with existing and future Cosmetics.”

The thunderous sound of music has echoed throughout the Realm, and gruesome masks have appeared on our Killer’s faces. One has to wonder what sort of twisted smile lurks beneath.

The Slipknot Collection is available now in the Dead by Daylight store.

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight team

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