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Dead by Daylight Serves Up The Scorching BBQ Event


Dead by Daylight’s Scorching BBQ Event is back with a char-broiled vengeance.

The Entity’s Realms are filled with many particular smells. Think about it – we’ve got Rotten Fields, Gas Heaven, Rancid Abattoir, the list goes on. Not to mention all that running, paired with the notable absence of showers. Suffice it to say, not exactly a pleasant feast for the senses.

Yet like a Hatch spawning mere meters away, hope has come. From August 3rd, 11AM ET to August 17th, 11 AM the sweet, sweet, scent of BBQ will be in the air. What’s cooking? Best not to ask.

Welcome to the Scorching BBQ, back for the first time since 2018.


Like most great barbecue events throughout history, it’s all about the vibe. For the duration of the Scorching BBQ, we’re bringing back the thirst-quenching margarita Generators and the mouth-watering grill Hooks. Note that indulging too heavily in the former may lead to more failed Skill Checks, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Unlike the Twisted Masquerade, this BBQ invites far more casual attire. Luckily, we’ve got a brand-new Event Tome lined up to provide you with a few ideal ensembles for the occasion. Complete challenges to unlock Charms and excusive Outfits for Jake Park and The Clown. The only question left is – which of them is the superior grill-master?

Here’s a complete list of all the rewards available in the Scorching BBQ Event Tome:


  • Jake Park – Lucky Stroll
  • The Clown – Hot Dog Cook



Charms (Killer & Survivor)

  • Margarita
  • A Killer Sauce
  • King of the Grill

We hope you enjoy the return of the Scorching BBQ, returning right when it’s needed the most. Break out those aprons and get cooking...or perhaps it will be you on that grill.

See you in The Fog...

The Dead by Daylight Barbecue Squad

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