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Pop Superstar & Greek Legends | Dead by Daylight Store Collection Release


Dead by Daylight’s Mid-Chapter is here, bringing several major gameplay updates, a progression system overhaul, and new outfits for three Collections: Attack on Titan, Pop Superstar, and the returning Greek Legends.

All three Collections are available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store: Attack on Titan released on July 19th, Greek Legends releases today, August 2nd, and Pop Superstar releases on August 11th. More information about the colossal Attack on Titan Collection can be found here.

In the meantime, we’ve got you covered with an overview of the Pop Superstar Collection and the Greek Legends Collections. The former features new Cosmetics for the Trickster, Yun-Jin Lee, Kate Denson, and Feng Min, while the latter introduces new Cosmetics for The Artist and Nea Karlsson, as well as a fan-favourite Ace outfit from the Deliverance Tome Archives.

Pop Superstar Collection

The Pop Superstar Collection takes the stage, featuring new VERY RARE outfits for The Trickster, Yun-Jin Lee, Kate Denson, and Feng Min.

Some are devoted to the music. Others, to those who make it. Whether performing on stage, assessing talent from the sidelines, or belting out lyrics from the crowd, this shared passion for pop forms a uniting bond. Blood, sweat, and tears went into these songs – though not necessarily in that order.

The Trickster – Stage General – VERY RARE

You can always count on The Trickster to deliver a killer melody that really gets lodged in your head. Not only that, his stage ensembles never fail to leave audiences floored.


Yun-Jin Lee – Judge to the Stars – VERY RARE

Years of experience in the cutthroat music business made Yun-Jin the perfect judge on a high-stakes talent show. She didn’t even have to speak to exude a commanding and intimidating presence.


Kate Denson – A Little Bit Country – VERY RARE

Some might argue that her newer music had veered a little to close to pop territory, but Kate never strayed far from her country roots.


Feng Min – Stan Outfit – VERY RARE

FAN difficulty mode completed. STAN difficulty mode has now been unlocked.



Though these four characters are a long way from the music industry, these outfits pay homage to their lives and accomplishments as artists, managers, and fans.

“We wanted to explore the wardrobe possibilities of our musicians and music lovers a bit more, so we did a Collection for some of our most beloved characters,” explains Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Project Manager – Live Ops. “We worked with our K-Pop consultant Kevin Woo to design this Collection, especially Trickster and Yun-Jin. We’re also extremely happy that Kate has a new performance outfit, which is something we haven't seen in quite some time. I hope you like them!” Face the music with Dead by Daylight’s Pop Superstar Collection, now available in the in-game store.

Greek Legends Collection

The Greek Legends Collection returns, featuring new outfits for two of The Fog’s most artistically-inclined: Carmina Mora – The Artist – and Nea Karlsson.

In the mythology of ancient Greece, tales of heroism and vicious cruelty evoked awe and fear. To this day, these Greek Legends remain a subject of great fascination, a perfect fit for the dark and exciting world of Dead by Daylight. Now, this Collection introduces new outfits inspired by The Erinyes and Rhamnusia.

Greek Legends Collection Banner.jpg

The Artist – Image of the Furies – VERY RARE

Deities of vengeance are a fitting muse for The Artist, who swore brutal revenge against all who dared cross her. With Blade of Strife in hand, her masterpiece will come to fruition.


Nea Karlsson – Rhamnusia’s Retribution -- VERY RARE

Her work evoked an era of striking beauty and fearsome brutality, where hubris and vanity could be undone a fearless artist's vision.


Ace Visconti – God of Wine – VERY RARE (originally released in the Deliverance Tome rift)

For the first time in what felt like an eternity, Ace was happy to see a few red stains on his shirt.



Greek mythology provides a rich tapestry to draw from, and this Collection has created outfits inspired by legendary figures like Hades, Athena, Charon, Hercules, and many more.
“We had a fun time creating Greek Legends outfits for Nea Karlsson and The Artist, as there were so many possibilities that align with their image and characteristics,” says Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Project Manager – Live Ops. “We had a few challenges with The Artist's slit throat and Nea's cut sweatshirt, and in the end the art team did a great job! I personally love the wings on Nea's sneakers, and I’ll be sure to wear them in all my future Nea matches.”

For more from the Greek Legends Collection, including previously released outfits for The Blight, The Clown, Adam Francis, David King, Zarina Kassir, and more, check out the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

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