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Moment of Truth Collection

Steve Harrington, eat your heart out.  

Dead by Daylight is back with more Stranger Things, this time with the Moment of Truth Collection. Join Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers for a trial full of casual outfits and complicated relationships as they team up to take down the Hawkins Lab.

The Moment of Truth Collection extends the world of Stranger Things further into The Entity’s Realm with a new outfit for Nancy, and a Legendary set that transforms Steve Harrington into Jonathan Byers. 


  • Nancy Wheeler – Impulsive Activist Outfit – VERY RARE  
  • Steve Harrington – Jonathan Byers Set – LEGENDARY 

We chatted with Product Store Manager, Rose Li, to learn more about the inspiration behind the latest Stranger Things Collection. 

“Nancy and Steve’s outfits have always been really popular items with fans. We wanted to bring even more characters from Stranger Things into the game to add variety, and Jonathan Byers felt like the natural choice to join Nancy in the Fog,” said Rose. “The outfits come from a great tension-filled scene in Season 2 where Nancy and Jonathan are being watched as they attempt to investigate the Hawkins Lab.” 

Explore the Moment of Truth Collection, available now via the in-game store. 

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight team.

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