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Lara Croft Enters The Fog In Dead by Daylight: Tomb Raider


Memories of branches tearing through her flesh. Of rushing water flooding her lungs. Countless dances with death, and so many more to come.

Courageous and resourceful, Lara Croft has braved life-threatening expeditions, amassing battle scars and adrenaline-fueled memories. Whether facing the perils of the supernatural or the extremes of nature, Lara has proven herself to be among gaming’s most formidable – and honorable – heroes.

Now, swept into The Fog and faced with one of her darkest adventures yet, Lara’s survivalist spirit will be pushed to the extreme. Instead of seeking artifacts in long lost tombs, she must now rely on a group of fellow survivors, clinging desperately to a common goal, no matter hopeless things may seem."

In life-or-death situations, a pallet or window can prove as valuable as any ancient treasure. There’s no doubt Lara’s climbing experience will prove beneficial, providing a critical burst of speed when a chase appears dire.


Her memories of Yamatai may fade with time, overtaken by nightmarish black fog. Yet the lessons she learned will remain ingrained, even in the face of endless terror. While someone with lesser resolve might scream, Lara understands the severity of that reaction, instead using it as an opportunity to regroup and scout her enemies.


You can take the raider out of the tomb, but the minute an opened treasure chest crosses her path, Lara Croft’s instinct never fails to kick in. Seek treasure and prosper.


Some adventures propel adrenaline. Others span vast continents, land, sea and air. Yet those that leave the deepest scars are the ones that delve into the shadows, where not even death is an escape.

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight Team.

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