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Dead by Daylight Goes to Eleven with the Iron Maiden Collection


Riffs that will melt your face off. Solos that make your fingers bleed. Hooks that take your breath away.

The legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden and Dead by Daylight have teamed up to bring their beloved figurehead, Eddie, to The Fog in an electrifying new Collection.

Equally as iconic as their heart-pounding music, Eddie and his menacing grin have graced nearly all of the band’s album covers, t-shirts, and merch. Not to mention bedroom walls, school desks, and notebooks everywhere too.

Whether appearing as an all-powerful pharaoh, a cyborg cop, or a tree monster, Eddie has shape-shifted and evolved at every turn, proving that time and space are his to conquer. His reach now stretches even further, making its way into the twisted world of Dead by Daylight.

We’re proud to introduce the Iron Maiden Collection, which features Eddie-inspired Legendary Outfits for The Dredge, The Doctor, The Deathslinger, The Oni, and Very Rare Tour shirts for all of our original Survivors.

Iron Maiden fans, this one's for you.

The Dredge—Eddie’s Tribute—Legendary

Inspired By: X-Factor (1995)

Many iconic forms of Eddie merged into one. A nightmarish chimera of arms, torsos, heads and hands centered around an electric guitar. It’s itching to play some of Iron Maiden’s iconic riffs.


The Doctor—Pharoah Eddie—Legendary

First appearance: Powerslave (1984)

A merciless ruler who wielded ultimate power over his subjects. His victims quaked in fear as their screams echoed within his hollow chest. He raised his scepter over his fallen subjects, as a triumph of his reign of terror.


The Deathslinger—Stranger Eddie—Legendary

First appearance: Stranger in a Strange Land (1986)

A ruthless bounty hunter with mechanical flesh and a glowing eye. Armed with a hi-tech speargun, he left despair in his wake everywhere he went. Nothing would stop him from catching his bounty.


The Oni—Samurai Eddie—Legendary

First appearance: Senjutsu (2021)

A fearsome Samurai who travelled the land looking for a worthy opponent. It was said death itself lurked in his eyes as he stared down his foe while reaching for his blade.


All Survivors—Eddie’s Live Shirt—Rare

Sometimes a concert is so enthralling it leaves you mesmerized. Dazed. As if you entered another realm entirely. This Iron Maiden t-shirt commemorates Eddie’s Killer Realm Tour.

“What an exciting new collaboration for us to explore,” remarks Kirby Taylor, Product Manager on Dead by Daylight. “Flipping through some of Eddie’s iconic appearances and seeing which Killers we could pair them with was a blast. Our team did an amazing job in filling in some gaps, as some of the looks we based the Outfits on only featured a partial look at Eddie, not his whole body. In addition, our Survivors can get in on the fun as well with some tour t-shirts. A couple of those even have a little surprise as well, depending on the Survivor, but we’ll leave that up to players to find 😉”

There are some tour stops you don’t come back from. Dead by Daylight’s Iron Maiden Collection is available now.

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The Dead by Daylight Team

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