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Haunted by Daylight | Dead by Daylight Store Collection Release


Halloween has begun in Dead by Daylight, and the Haunted by Daylight event is only a few days away.

In celebration of the season of fear, we’re bringing out two of our spookier Collections: The Hallowed Blight Collection and the Tricks and Treats Collection. Both are now available in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.

Hallowed Blight Collection

With the welcome arrival of Halloween comes the return of something wicked – The Hallowed Blight Collection, featuring new Outfits for Albert Wesker (The Mastermind) and The Oni.

This long running and grotesque Collection has been a macabre mainstay in Dead by Daylight, with new Killers being infected each year. Whether cold and calculated or possessed by blood-fuelled rage, the Blight Serum will react accordingly.

Albert Wesker (The Mastermind) – Blighted Wesker – Very Rare

There would be no telling how the serum would respond to the Uroboros, but Wesker understood the price of progress better than most.


The Oni – Bursting With Fury – Very Rare

The noxious scent of blood and toxin filled the air as serum flowed through his veins. Blinded by rage, he felt no pain as he violently severed a horn from his head.



With their new Hallowed Blight Outfits, Wesker and The Oni join The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly, The Doctor, The Huntress, The Nurse, The Hag, The Spirit, The Clown, The Plague, The Ghost Face, The Legion, and of course, The Blight.


“Continuing our tradition of the Hallowed Blight Collection, we’re introducing new Outfits for Wesker and The Oni,” says Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Product Manager – Live Ops. “Both have undergone drastic changes to their bodies, and each syringe of the serum has a tag on it. Can you find it?”

Spread fear with The Hallowed Blight Collection, which combines Dead by Daylight worldbuilding with a disturbing horror aesthetic fitting for Halloween night. And remember – it's not too late to embrace Uroboros and get Albert Wesker, The Mastermind, available now in the in-game store.

Tricks and Treats Collection

The Tricks and Treats Collection features Halloween-themed attire for Dwight Fairfield and Jane Romero, available for a limited time from October 11th to November 3rd 11 AM ET. The previously released Midnight Grove Collection, which includes Very Rare Outfits for Mikaela Reid and The Doctor, will also be available during this time.

The Survivors of Dead by Daylight experience an endless cycle of horror, so it’s strange to recall a time when they actively sought out thrills and chills. Before falling into The Entity’s clutches, however, both Dwight and Jane were no stranger to the occasional costume party.

Both respond to “that’s a wrap,” but for different reasons. Which one is taking home the prize at this costume party?



Jane Romero – Hollywood Glamor – Very Rare

Jane's costume paid homage to the golden age of Hollywood, an era of classic cinema, fabulous fashion, and dreams worth chasing.


Dwight Fairfield – Toilet Paper Mummy – Very Rare

The Toilet Paper Mummy has risen. From where? We don’t want to know.



Imagining how each Survivor prepared for Halloween was an exciting task for the Dead by Daylight team, including Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Product Manager – Live Ops.

“Dwight is the goofiest character in DbD, and we knew he'd be the perfect fit for a toilet paper mummy costume,” recalls Li. “It seemed exactly like the sort of thing Dwight would do! We were even joking about him using 2 ply instead of 3 ply, because he couldn't afford it.”

“Jane on the other hand, looks gorgeous no matter what she wears,” she continues. “This retro gown was her way of paying tribute to her favorite star during Halloween. This collection is only available for limited time, so get it while you can!”

The Tricks and Treats Collection and Midnight Grove Collection will be in the Dead by Daylight store from October 11th to November 3rd, 11 ET.

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight team

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