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Dead by Daylight’s Haunted By Daylight Event Returns | Everything You Need To Know


It’s time to celebrate Halloween in Dead by Daylight with the spookiest Event of the year. In case you missed our recent Livestream, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to all things Haunted by Daylight.

Atmosphere To Die For

From October 18th, 2:00 PM ET – November 6th, 2:00 PM ET, Haunted by Daylight will take over the Entity’s Realm, tainting it with the mysterious presence of the Void Realm. Not only that, but familiar sights like Generators and Hooks will also undergo a spooky transformation.

The Bloodweb will also see the return of the Will O' Wisp Flashlight, the All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox Med-Kit , the Blight Serum, and the Arcane Dowsing Rod Bloodpoint Offering .


The Void Beckons

This year marks the arrival of the Void Realm, a terrifying Realm created by The Entity as a wasteland for its discarded...playthings. For the first time, the Void Realm is explorable, and its presence will have an immediate impact on Trials for both Killer and Survivor. So how does it all come together on the gameplay side?


Collect Void Energy

Like last year, players must complete specific objectives to collect Void Energy:


  • Repairing Halloween Generators
  • Stunning a Killer carrying Void Energy
  • Destroying a Pumpkin


  • Hooking Survivors on Halloween Hooks
  • Downing a Survivor carrying Void Energy
  • Destroying a Pumpkin





They can also collect Void Orbs, which float toward the player when approached. After sufficient Void Energy has been collected, seek out one of four Unstable Rifts to deposit your haul and activate that Rift. Once enough collective Void Energy has been deposited across all Unstable Rifts, all Rifts will become portals to the Void Realm, which you will be free to enter.

Entering The Void

When you step into the Void Realm, don’t be alarmed. Okay, you can be somewhat alarmed. Killers will be Undetectable while in the Void Realm, but they will not be able to use their Powers. At the same time, Survivors will be Exhausted and Broken (if already injured or injured in The Void Realm).

You won’t find any Generators, Pallets, Lockers, Chests, or Totems in the Void Realm. There are Hooks, but when a Survivor is placed on one, they will instantly be transported to a Hook on the Map. There are ghostly figures called Haunts, the spirits of all those drained and discarded by The Entity. Provide them with 12 Void Energy to Capture them and release them from the Void and into the Map.

Note that The Void will close a) 2 minutes after spawning, or b) once all available Haunts have been released.


HAUNT-ed By Daylight

Once a Haunt has been released, their Aura is revealed. From there, it can impact players in various ways, acting as either a boon or a trap.

For Survivors who complete the Release they will immediately gain a boost for a brief duration, consisting of Haste, Endurance, and 20% faster Action Speed. Their held Item will also be refilled to 50% .

For Killers who completed the Release, they will also immediately gain a boost for a brief duration, consisting of Haste, Undetectable, and 20% faster Action and Cooldown speed.

If a Survivor approaches a Haunt Released by a Survivor, they will briefly receive the Haste speed boost. If a Killer approaches a Haunt Released by a Survivor, they will briefly become Hindered. If a Killer approaches a Haunt they have Released, they will receive a brief Haste speed boost. If a Survivor approaches a Haunt Released by a Killer, their camera will lock onto the Haunt (similar to a Hag’s Phantasm Trap), and they’ll temporarily become Hindered.

Pumpkin Time

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few Pumpkins scattered around the Map. As is tradition, destroying a Pumpkin will lead to one of three outcomes: the Haste Status Effect, the Hindered Status Effect, or nothing at all.

Event Tome + Halloween Rewards

It wouldn’t be Halloween without treats, and we’ve got you covered with plenty of earnable rewards to unlock. This year, you’ll be able to earn Dark Trinkets by completing challenges in the Haunted by Daylight Event Tome, which can then be used to purchase Haunted by Daylight Cosmetics for both Killer and Survivor:

Survivor Skeleton Shirts:

  • Nea Karlsson – Painted Skeleton Shirt
  • Kate Denson – Musical Rib-Cage Shirt
  • Yui Kimura – Bone Handlebar Shirt
  • Mikaela Reid – Celestial Skeleton Shirt
  • Haddie Kaur – Card Reader Shirt
  • Vittorio Toscano – Carved Bones Shirt



Killer Candy Weapons:

  • The Wraith – Sweet Blade
  • The Huntress – Jaw Slasher
  • The Legion – Syrupy Knife
  • The Deathslinger – Chocolate Spike
  • The Dredge – Chewing Blade
  • The Skull Merchant – Candy Breaker Blade


In addition, Cosmetics and Charms can also be unlocked by completing the Event Tome, including several pieces of a new Outfit for The Knight and Meg Thomas:


  • The Knight – Jack O'Lantern (BODY + WEAPON)
  • Meg Thomas – Candy Night (TORSO + LEGS)



  • Void Pumpkin
  • Buried Candy
  • Little Scoundrel
  • Little Sweetie
  • Scarecrow Jake
  • Huntress Werewolf

This Event also features several Milestone Rewards, which can only be earned after unlocking enough Cosmetics. This includes the final pieces of The Knight’s Jack Lantern and Meg Thomas’ Candy Night Outfits . Here are their unlock requirements:

Milestone Rewards:

  • Void Pumpkin – Charm – Unlock 6 Cosmetics
  • Meg Thomas – Smoky Eyes (HEAD) - Unlock 12 Cosmetics
  • The Knight – Burning Sight (HEAD) – Unlock 21 Cosmetics


It will also be easier to keep track of which Rewards remain, with an easy-to-follow tab in the Store & Collection screen. Don’t worry – any leftover Dark Trinkets will be converted into Bloodpoints when the Event wraps up.

Seasonal Collections

Halloween is all about choosing the right costume, and we’re bringing out several terrifying Collections for the occasion, including a few returning seasonal favorites. On October 18th, head to the in-game store and check out the Tricks And Treats Collection and The Void Collection, followed by the the Hallowed Blight Collection on October 24th. We’re also bringing back all previous Halloween Collections for a limited time, so don’t miss out!




Stay tuned for upcoming blogposts detailing all the new Collections when they drop! Please note that the Tricks And Treats Collection and Void Collection will be available for a limited time until November 6th.

Twitch Drops

At long last, Twitch Drops are coming! We’ll be giving away some great stuff, and all you have to do is register your account and watch participating Dead by Daylight streams on Twitch. Stay tuned for more details on how to connect your account and earn your rewards, but in the meantime – here's what you can get between Oct 13th, and November 6th.

  • Hatch Micro Playset Charm: Watch 1 hour of a participating live channel
  • Elodie Rakoto – Eyed Ribcage Shirt: Watch 2 hours of a participating live channel
  • The Hag – Sugar Claw: Watch 3 hours of a participating live channel


Experience the thrilling terror of Halloween with Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight Event. We’d like to thank you for spending time with us in The Fog, and be sure to unlock those rewards, Capture as many Haunts as you can, and brave the unknown mysteries of the Void Realm.

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight Team

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