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Terror Blooms in Dead by Daylight’s Hanami Collection



Tranquility is a memory worth holding on to.

For those pulled into the Entity’s Realm, it’s far more common to experience death and decay. The closest thing to a quiet meadow in full bloom is the Rotten Field of Coldwind Farm. Hardly ideal for Hanami, the practice of viewing flowers and admiring their beauty.    

  • THE SPIRIT  - Traditional Yozakura – VERY RARE 

For the girl once known as Rin Yamaoka, the vibrant sight of red was a great source of comfort. Now she can barely recall the sight of the Sakura blossoms and the gardens she visited with her ailing mother. Worse yet, the once soothing color has become a tainted symbol of violence and brutality. 

  • JANE ROMERO - Springtime Special – VERY RARE 

There’s never a dull moment hosting The Jane Romero Show. Upon landing in Kyoto for a special episode, Jane quickly became awestruck by the vivid cherry blossoms. She quickly scheduled a meeting with her stylist, inspired by the picturesque views of Japan’s Sakura trees.  

  • YUI KIMURA  - Weekend Teatime – VERY RARE 

Accustomed to living life at a breakneck pace, making snap-decisions at great peril, Yui Kimura did not take peace and quiet for granted. Perhaps her grandmother was to thank for that, having kept one key tradition alive -- teatime beneath the cherry trees, surrounded by splendorous blossoms.    


We spoke with Product Store Manager Rose Li about bringing Hanami to Dead by Daylight, ensuring that natural beauty could co-exist within a realm of darkness. “Hanami is an important cultural event in Japan,” explains Li. “We wanted to connect it to 'flower viewing' in a broader sense, beyond the Sakura, so flowers of all seasons are at the centre of this collection. We especially loved the connection of the Higanbana (red spider lilies) with death and an afterlife, which echoes Dead by Daylight’s death is not an escape theme. We designed an outfit that celebrated that life-death cycle for The Spirit.” 

Look for the Hanami Collection, available now in the Dead by Daylight In-Game store.  

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