Eternal Bligh to Dead by Daylight for Halloween 2020
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The Eternal Blight To Dead By Daylight For Halloween 2020



Celebrate Halloween in the Fog with The Eternal Blight event in Dead by Daylight. 

From October 21 to November 4, The Entity’s Realm will be transformed into a celebration of the macabre, with special event Hooks and Generators that grant even more Bloodpoints for you to earn. 

The Eternal Blight event sees the return of the Pustula Flowers to the Fog, bringing with them Halloween items and add-ons from years past, as well as some new additions that are sure to provide plenty of treats, and even a few tricks for you to discover. The event brings with it the final chapter in The Hallowed Blight story arc that began in 2018. 

In Tome V: UNLEASHED, the Observer's Auris Web features new Halloween-themed Challenges. Take on the role of a Survivor and interact with the Pustula Flowers that have bloomed throughout The Entity’s Realm to harvest them for rewards and Bloodpoints. Venture into the trials and complete challenges exclusive to The Blight to uncover the story of Talbot Grimes’ slow descent into madness and his journey in The Entity’s Realm through new lore entries in The Archives. For the full story, revisit or experience The Hallowed Blight (2018) animatics for the first time through the Collection menu and return to Tome I to unlock The Hallowed Catalyst (2019) animatic. 

In addition to new Challenges, The Eternal Blight event also introduces the first universal Killer add-on: Blighted Serum. Available to all Killers through the Bloodweb, this limited-time add-on allows all the Killers of The Fog to access the power of the Pustula Flower, granting them a burst of speed similar to The Blight’s Rush ability after hooking a Survivor. Enjoy this ability while it lasts, as Blighted Serum will no longer be useable once the event comes to an end.  


With a new special event comes unique Halloween-themed Charms for you to collect.  

Perk Treats - A bucket of candy perks. No one seems to have touched the This Is Not Happening candies. 

  • Check out the in-game news post about the Halloween Charms and enter the Promo Code during the event to claim this reward. 

Blighted Jack - A jack-o-lantern that became a test subject for blight serum.  

  • To claim this Halloween Charm, keep an eye on our Social channels for a Promo Code that will be redeemable throughout the event. 

Dwightcrow - The crows don’t seem afraid of this at all...  

  • For this Charm, check out any of our Fog Whisperers during event dates. The Promo Codes they reveal have limited uses, so act fast once you’ve got your hands on one.  

Trap-o-Lantern - A good mask makes the murderer.  

  • Tune in to Twitch Rivals on Halloween to get access to a Promo Code with unlimited uses to unlock this Charm. 

As the Pustula Flower blooms throughout The Entity's Realm, those infected by its powerful nectar become living nightmares. Survivors, investigating the strange phenomenon, search for answers to one of the Realm’s great mysteries. 

The Hallowed Curse Collection introduces even more terrifying Blighted Outfits that are sure to turn heads, whether you’re terrorizing a group of Survivors or running circles around a Killer.  

New Event Collection now available in the store: 

  • The Ghost Face® – Scorched Ghost Face® 
  • The Legion – Chimeric Horde Outfit 
  • The Blight – True Blight Outfit 
  • Yui Kimura – Miss Speedway Outfit 
  • Feng Min – Lady Defiant Outfit 
  • Felix Richter – Grand Planner Outfit 

In the spirit of Halloween, test your skills and take on Challenges in Tome V: Unleashed to progress through the Premium Track and unlock The Ruffian Outfit for David King, a haunting addition to the Hallowed Curse Collection. 


Let There Be Blight!  

Between October 23 and November 1st 11AM EST, save up to 75% on a selection of outfits, including the Hallowed Blight and Hallowed Catalyst Collections!  

Starting October 21st for PS4, October 27 for Steam, Stadia, and Switch, and October 29 for XBOX, enjoy up to a 50% discount on all Chapters released prior to Chapter XVI and 20% off the Silent Hill Chapter! Offer ends November 1st 11AM ET.

Keep an eye on our Social channels to find out more about our Halloween Sales. 


To find out more about the latest mid-chapter update and its content, head to the Dead by Daylight forum and check out the Patch Notes.  

Prepare yourselves for a festival of frights and a bloody good time with The Eternal Blight event in Dead by Daylight. 

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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