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Dead by Daylight Introduces Gold Edition and DLC Packs Loaded With Original Chapters


Still waiting to pull the trigger on Chains of Hate? Got your eye on another original Chapter to round out your collection? There’s no better time to make it yours. 

On January 8th, Dead by Daylight will introduce new DLC Packs as a way for players to save on a wide selection of original Chapters. Moving forward, original Chapters beginning with Of Flesh and Mud, up until Hour of the Witch will only be available as part of our 3 new DLC Packs: the Maddening Darkness Pack, the Old Wounds Pack, and the Macabre Tales Pack.

While the Chapters themselves will no longer be sold individually in first-party stores, their Killers, Survivors, and cosmetics will always be available for purchase in our in-game store. Killers and Survivors associated with these Chapters will also be reduced to 50% of their original price as of January 8th.

The Packs drop next month, but we’re giving you the heads up now so you can still take advantage of our current sales and pick up any individual Chapters you might be missing.  

In addition to DLC Packs, Dead by Daylight is releasing the Gold Edition to offer players the chance to nab multiple original Chapters at a discounted price by bundling them together for the first time. The Gold Edition will include all 3 new DLC packs, and with its huge roster of Killers and Survivors, stands as the best way for players to experience Dead by Daylight’s original content.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our Gold Edition and DLC Packs FAQ for full details.  

Here’s a breakdown of the Gold Edition and each of our 3 new DLC Packs, all available January 8th at 11am EST, as well as a reminder on when our current sales end for all platforms.  

Maddening Darkness Pack – $19.99 USD 


  • Of Flesh and Mud
  • Spark of Madness
  • Curtain Call 
  • Shattered Bloodline 

*Of Flesh and Mud and Spark of Maddess are already included as part of the Base game on PlayStation and Xbox. All four of the above Chapter DLCs are already included as part of the Base game on Nintendo Switch. 


Old Wounds Pack – $19.99 USD 

  • Darkness Among Us 
  • Demise of the Faithful 
  • Cursed Legacy 
  • Chains of Hate 


Macabre Tales Pack – $19.99 USD 

  • Descend Beyond 
  • A Binding of Kin 
  • All-Kill 
  • Hour of the Witch 


For those interested in purchasing these Chapters individually, don’t forget – our current first-party sales end January 2nd on Xbox, January 4th on Steam and Switch, January 5th on PlayStation, and January 7h on Epic. 

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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