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Get Instant Rewards in Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker


With the launch of Meet Your Maker, the Behaviour family of games just got a lot bigger.

To celebrate, we’re offering up some amazing free rewards for players of both Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker, and they couldn’t be easier to come by. In fact, if you currently own both games, these rewards are already waiting for you.

Any player who has purchased both Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker on the same platform will automatically be granted exclusive rewards to enjoy in each game.

For any Dead by Daylight fan not in the know, Meet Your Maker is Behaviour’s latest unique take on multiplayer action; a first-person building-and-raiding game set in a dark post-apocalyptic world. Every level you see in the game has been built by another player.

Gameplay revolves around the creation and infiltration of trap-filled stand-alone levels called Outposts, as players seek to protect or steal the world’s most precious remaining resource from each other. Building is strategic and creative, raiding is kinetic and calculating, and you can team up to do both with a friend.

Here are the rewards you’ll receive in each game:

Dead by Daylight:

There’s no better way to bring your time with Meet Your Maker into The Fog than with these post-apocalyptic Outfits and Weapons. A mix of Cosmetics for both Killers and Survivors, these rewards can be enjoyed by players in either role.

The Meet Your Maker Collection includes:

Meg Thomas – Pentekath’s Suit – Very Rare
A highly developed technological suit with unknown components from her favorite game.

The Huntress – Toothed Axe – Very Rare
An axe with a serrated blade for maximum damage.

The Trapper – Crunching Blade – Very Rare
A weapon made from unfamiliar scrap that inflicts severe flesh injuries.

The Wraith – Biomechanical Spine – Very Rare
This bizarre sub-clone results from an unknown technology combined with organic material.

Meet Your Maker:

Deco Packs are some of the most fun, creative content for Builders in Meet Your Maker. They offer uniquely themed blocks, props, and decals that let you bring a completely different feel to your Outposts.

The Dead by Daylight Deco Pack is the perfect way to bring a taste of The Entity’s Realm to the wasteland. Crumbling brick walls, boarded up windows with eerie light seeping through, and blood trail decals are just a few of the horror hallmarks at your disposal. Build the deadliest haunted house you can and watch the Raider skulls pile up.


The Dead by Daylight Deco Pack includes:

2 Blocks (each available in 3 shapes): DbD Brick, DbD Metal
2 Props: Roped Pallet, Boarded Window
1 Animated Prop: Generator
8 Decals

All these rewards will be yours to keep and enjoy for as long as you own both games.

See you in The Fog,
The Dead by Daylight Team

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