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Join the Flippin Party! As a special collaboration, for a limited time only, DBD players who play Flippin Misfits will receive an exclusive Dead by Daylight Charm, redeemable in Dead by Daylight.

Flippin Misfits is an absolutely bonkers online melee party brawler, where 2-4 friends can flip and fight across high-intensity arenas filled with opportunities and hazards. Every surface is in play, attacks can come from anywhere, and gravity can flip with the push of a button.

The game is running a FREE weekend from November 10-14th AND is on sale for a limited time! So, what are you waiting for?

Download Flippin Misfits today on Steam and claim your exclusive Dead by Daylight Charm!

Wondering how to claim your Charm? Wonder no more:

If you don’t already have a copy of Flippin Misfits

  • Purchase a copy or redeem a steam key to add Flippin Misfits to your Steam library
    • Please note that Free Weekend versions of the game are not eligible for a Charm until a purchase or redemption has been made

If you don’t already have a Behaviour Account linked to Steam


  • On the Dead By Daylight account page, hit Claim Now next under the Voxel Trapper charm to get your unique code
  • Make sure to copy that code into your clipboard
  • Launch Dead by Daylight
  • Select the STORE menu, then navigate to the FEATURE tab
  • On the top right, select REDEEM CODE and input the code that was given
  • The Charm will be automatically added to your inventory!

See you in space,

The Flippin Misfits Team

Play Dead by Daylight today

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