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Dead by Daylight Brings Dungeons & Dragons To The Table


‘Tis a game of ups and downs, a song replete with soaring crescendos and somber contemplation. The strings plucked on a lute are but a mirror to the strings of fate. One wrong note is all it takes.

Have you heard the tale of the elusive bards? To dub them mere adventurers would be a disservice to the noble pair of Aestri and her companion Baermar. For whom else would risk life and limb, braving nature’s perils and countless thirsting swords to thwart evil’s forces, on a que st that led them beyond the outskirts of the storied Kingdom of Keoland and deep into the Forgotten Ruins?

As fate would have it, that road led only to one.

He was known by many titles. The Whispered One. Lord of the Rotted Tower. The Master of Secrets. Each one a shield for those unwilling to speak his true name. Aestri and Baermar knew it well, for the Arch-Lich's chilling reputation preceded him. Yet still, they were unafraid to utter it: Vecna.

As spellcraft goes, few stand as formidable as the Vecna. One raise of his withered hand and he’s already closed the distance, quashing any misguided notions of escape. Even if you do manage to barricade yourself, perchance with a ramshackle piece of bound-together wood, his Mage Hand spell will handle that with ease.

Attempting to match his power would no doubt be a fool’s gambit. The Master of the Spider Throne can render even the most powerful magic item to a mere trinket, if only for a few moments. Rumor has it that he can even call upon the Damned to fight for him, a spectral onslaught that cannot be abated.

Keep a watchful eye for magic items scattered in Treasure Chests across the Realm, boots and gauntlets imbued with arcane power. It’s advised to use them, for they provide a slight edge against several of Vecna’s spells. It’s even whispered that he never strays far from his most treasured possessions, Hand and Eye alike. Should you happen to stumble upon one of those, use with caution; its power can be unpredictable, to say the least.

One might wonder what chance a bard would stand in the face of such cold, calculating, malevolence. They simply haven’t met the right bard. Aestri and Baemar are as wily as they come, having stood face to face with all manner of threats, from bandits to beholders. At least, if their lyrics are to be believed...

In any case, you’d be wise to stick close. Aestri’s instincts are second to none, and it’s been said she can sense whenever an objective is close to hand. Should you happen to find what you’re looking for, listen closely to the inspiring guidance of her music – it might prove the difference between life and death. Speaking of which, it cannot be overstated how adept she is at staying one step ahead, bamboozling even the most astute Killers with her powerful Mirrored Illusion spell.

Is it fate that Aestri and Vecna would find themselves this strange realm of Fog and eternal darkness? And what might happen when they come face to face, dancing to the whims of a power beyond comprehension? Perhaps that is a song for another day.

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