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Dead by Daylight’s Blood Moon Event | Everything To Know


Dead by Daylight’s Blood Moon Event is here. From March 18th 11AM ET – March 31st 11 AM ET, step beneath the scarlet sky and experience an event that’s certain to get your heart pumping.


Upon collecting your feedback, we realized we fell short on delivering enough Bloodpoints. To make the Blood Moon live up to its name, we’re DOUBLING the Blood Seeker Community Challenge multipliers (up to a max of 400%). Not only that, but we’re giving 1 Million Bloodpoints to every player who logs in during the Event.


The Blood Moon looms overhead, a herald of carnage yet to come. Behold its full splendour in the Event-exclusive lobby screen, though a word of caution – you may find yourself so transfixed you forget to load into a Trial. Upon doing so, you’ll notice that many familiar assets have been altered by the strange lunar phenomenon.



The basic goal of this Event is to collect Droplets and deposit them into Blood Basins. When that happens, a Blood Zone is created, granting all players within its radius an Area-wide buff. Survivors can carry a maximum of 1 Droplet, while Killers can carry 2 (and start a Trial with 1).

3 Fragile Blood Basins spawn across the Map at the start of a Trial, allowing players to obtain additional Droplets. Once you have one in your possession, you’ll be able to create a Blood Zone at various locations throughout the Map. Note that there will only ever be a total of 4 Droplets in play during a match.

The area-wide effects are different for Killer and Survivor. For Killer, your Lunge Attack duration is longer, but your blade wipe animation is extended. For Survivor, your grunts of pain are quieter and your Pools of Blood dissipate faster. Both sides will receive a Bloodpoint bonus for time spent in the Blood Zone, so it’s in your best interest to create them.

Upon creation, a Blood Zone will be protected for a duration, during which time the player that created it will benefit from the effects – even if they’re outside the Blood Zone’s area. Once that protection fades, players from either side can remove the Blood Zone and reclaim the Droplets.



Speaking of Map, the Blood Moon Event introduces a new Survivor Item, Bloodsense Map, into the Bloodweb. When you use it in a Trial, you’ll instantly see the Auras of any injured Survivor no matter where they are. Only thing is, using the Map will leave Pools of Blood, allowing the Killer to pick up your trail.


This Event will bring forth a new Event Tome, featuring 2 Levels of Challenges to complete. In addition, we’re also introducing the Blood Seekers Community Challenge.

How does one become a Blood Seeker? Simply by creating Blood Zones in-game, which contributes to a collective track filled by the entire Dead by Daylight community. The higher the track, the more Bloodpoints players will receive at the end of a game.


As per tradition, the Blood Moon Event arrives with an Event Tome loaded with new challenges to complete and rewards to reap. The more Challenges you do, the more Blood Trinkets you earn to spend on Outfits, Charms, and Player Cards.

An explorer delving deep over her head. A formidable warrior spurred by insatiable bloodlust. Use your Event Currency to unlock Élodie Rakoto’s Catacombs Exploration Outfit and The Oni’s Red Mist Outfit.


Beyond Outfits, Charms are an exciting way to add a dash of personality to your characters. Whether you’re looking to express your own individuality, or perhaps deck your Survivors out with Charms that feels lore-accurate, the Droplets, Blood Basin, and Dripping Skulls will be an elegant addition to your collection.


Our latest addition to the Cosmetic family are Player Cards, so if you’re the type who enjoys a classy dash of the macabre, we’ve got you covered with several Blood Moon-themed Badges and Banners.


A young witch dabbling with the dark arts. A gambler that always bets on red. An inventor at her most primal. A doctor hellbent on pushing medical boundaries.

The Blood Moon Collection features elegantly sanguine Outfits for Survivor and Killer alike, with each one painting a macabre portrait of the past – or is it the present?

Head to the in-game store and check out these new Very Rare Outfits for Mikaela Reid, Ace Visconti, The Skull Merchant, and The Doctor.



There’s not a cloud in the sky, and yet…we’re going to make it rain Bloodpoints. For the duration of the Blood Moon Event, we’re offering daily login rewards of in-game currency, with each gift period starting at 11 AM ET and running for 24 hours.

The daily login rewards include various forms of in-game currency, with a total of 500,000 Bloodpoints, and 50 Rift Fragments. For more information, check out our complete schedule of Blood Moon giveaways:

  • March 18: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 19: 10 Rift Fragments
  • March 20: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 21: 15 Rift Fragments
  • March 22: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 23: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 24: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 25: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 26: 10 Rift Fragments
  • March 27: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 28: 15 Rift Fragments
  • March 29: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 30: 50K Bloodpoints
  • March 31: 50K Bloodpoints

May your cup runneth over with Bloodpoints, to the point where you’re bursting at the seams. We hope you enjoy the Blood Moon, and we look forward to seeing you in The Fog.

Best of luck,

The blood-spattered Dead by Daylight Team

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