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Attack on Titan | Dead by Daylight Store Collection Release


Eren. Mikasa. Armin. Armored Titan. War Hammer Titan. They – and many more – form the basis of this colossal Collection, which reimagines original Dead by Daylight Survivors and Killers as Attack on Titan characters.

While creating this Collection, it was important that the chosen Dead by Daylight Survivors accurately reflected their Attack on Titan counterparts in ways beyond aesthetic similarities. With such a rich tapestry to draw from, finding parallels between characters from both series made for an exciting process.
“We dove into the backstories of our characters to ensure their outfits were representative of the original Attack on Titan character emotions or values,” explains Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Product Manager – Live Ops. “Historia’s cloak, as seen on Kate Denson, is meant to reflect her kindness -- she wears one to visit an orphanage in the anime.” It made sense to pair Historia with Kate, a character who has embodied kindness throughout her own journey.

In the end, the team decided the following roster of Survivors would receive VERY RARE outfits depicting them dressed as Attack on Titan characters:

Dwight Fairfield as Eren. Yui Kimura as Mikasa. Felix Richter as Armin. Meg Thomas as Annie. Zarina Kassir as Hange. Jake Park as Levi. Kate Denson as Historia. Ace Visconti as Kenny.

Much like the Titans, Dead by Daylight’s Killers are a constant source of danger for Survivors. To effectively bring them to life in this Collection, we opted to highlight two generations of the Yamaoka bloodline. Kazan Yamaoka – The Oni – has been reimagined as The Armored Titan, and Rin Yamaoka – The Spirit – has been reimagined as the War Hammer Titan.

As The Oni’s Blood Fury Power features a distinctive visual effect, the team took care to ensure that it held true to the Attack on Titan universe. On that note, his body is also littered with shattered Thunder Spears – which as fans know, was developed to turn the tides against the Armored Titan.
The Attack on Titan Collection is easily one of our biggest Collections yet, so head to the in-game store for the following outfits:


Dwight Fairfield - Eren’s Uniform

Yui Kimura - Mikasa’s Uniform

Jake Park - Levi’s Uniform

Meg Thomas - Annie’s Uniform

Felix Richter - Armin’s Uniform

Kate Denson - Historia’s Uniform

Zarina Kassir - Hange’s Uniform

Ace Visconti - Kenny’s Uniform


The Oni – Armored Titan

The Spirit – War Hammer Titan


Purchasing outfits from the Attack on Titan Collection will earn you up to five Charms, with different criteria for unlocking each one. Check out further details below:

Cadet Corps Crest Charm: Logging on during the Mid-Chapter release*

Scout Regiment Corps Crest Charm: Unlocking any 3 Attack on Titan outfits

Military Police Regiment Crest Charm: Unlocking any 2 Attack on Titan outfits

Garrison Regiment Crest Charm: Unlocking any Attack on Titan Survivor outfit

Wall Titan Charm: Unlocking any Attack on Titan Killer outfit


*Following the release of Chapter 25, this Charm will be unlocked with purchase of any Attack on Titan outfit


Forge your path as a Survivor or wreak havoc as a Titan – the choice is yours. We hope you enjoy the Attack on Titan Collection, now available in Dead by Daylight.

See you in The Fog,

The Dead by Daylight team











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