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Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2024 Recap: Everything Announced


Our 8th Anniversary broadcast was packed with surprising new Chapter reveals, major gameplay updates, exciting news on the expansion of DbD, and so much more. If you missed the livestream, or want to rewatch your favorite moments, we’ve got you covered with a recap.

What the Fog

We kicked things off with the surprise announcement —and release— of What the Fog, a brand-new 2 player co-op roguelite from the world of Dead by Daylight. As if their luck couldn't get any worse, Dwight, Claudette, and Feng Min have been sucked into a cursed boardgame. Don't you hate it when that happens? Now, you and a friend will need to use the power of teamwork if you want to survive and get the fog out of there. Learn to use your newfound abilities as you run, jump, and shoot your way through swarms of enemies in this chaotic game where the action never ends—even after you die.

What the Fog is OUT NOW, and you can get it for FREE by signing into or creating a Behaviour Account right here and following the steps. There’s a limited number of free keys available, and conditions apply, so grab one today and invite a friend while you’re at it! What the Fog can also be purchased on Steam for $4.99 USD.

Click here to jump directly to the What the Fog segment of the broadcast.

Year 9 Roadmap

In the following segment, Head of Production Stefan Beauchamp gave a brief overview of what players can expect from the next year—including 6 new Chapters, 4 Tomes, exciting events, and of course, space for a few surprises along the way.


2v8 Game Mode

Sparing no time for the first of these surprises, the highly requested 2v8 Game Mode was announced, and early details were shared. In this mode, 2 Killers will square off against 8 Survivors on a larger Map for a completely new Dead by Daylight experience. Several changes are being made to both Killer and Survivor mechanics that will make this mode feel fresh and encourage brand-new strategies and gameplay styles.

For starters, we’re doing away with Perks for what amount to a Class system. Each of the included Killers and Survivors will have their own playstyle, so you’ll need to choose the right one for each Trial. To ramp up the action, we've also removed Hooks. When a Killer Downs a Survivor, rather than bringing them to a Hook, they’ll be able to send them right to a Cage. Getting sent to a Cage still counts as a Hook State, meaning 3 Cages and you’re out of the game.

More info on the 2v8 Game Mode will be shared in a future livestream in July.

Click here to jump directly to the Year 9 Roadmap segment of the broadcast for a more in-depth look!

Gameplay Improvements

If the 2v8 Game Mode wasn’t enough, Senior Product Manager Derrick shared some exciting live balance updates and features that are coming soon.

Cross Progression was announced and is slated for release later this summer. Players will soon be able to carry over their progress, unlocks, and more across platforms.

A new Challenge System was also revealed, which will give players new ways to earn rewards outside of Tomes and Archives.

To help stay on top of everything happening in The Fog, we’ll also be making some improvements to our Messaging system, which will help inform players on the latest news, patch notes and rewards, with less intrusive pop-ups.

What better way to end things off than with a Finisher Mori. We know that players loved these stylish executions, and now they're going to be a baseline feature for every Killer!

Click here to jump directly to the Gameplay Improvements segment of the broadcast and learn more.

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons


Get your d20 ready and prepare for a new adventure. The iconic Dungeons & Dragons franchise was revealed as Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter. Our foray into dark fantasy will see the legendary villain Vecna, The Lich, as the new Killer, Bard Aestri Yazar as a new Survivor, and a new Map, Forgotten Ruins.

During the presentation, Behaviour Interactive’s Head of Partnerships Mathieu Coté and Wizards of the Coast Producer Shaun Roe i ntroduced the new Chapter and shared key insights on how this unexpected collaboration came to be.

For fans eager to see how the new Chapter will play, Creative Director Dave Richard and Principal Game Designer Janick Neveu took us through some of Vecna’s abilities and the new D&D-inspired mechanics coming to the game.

You can also try the new Chapter as part of our PTB on Steam today!

Click here to jump directly to the Dungeons & Dragons segment.

What Lies Ahead: Updates from the World of Dead by Daylight

For a glimpse into the future, exciting updates were shared about the 2 previously announced games set in the world of Dead by Daylight.

Project T

Lend your voice and play a part in the future of an exciting session-based PvE co-op shooter from the world of Dead by Daylight.

Still in the early stages of development, Midwinter Entertainment shared the news that their game, now codenamed “Project T,” is opening its doors to the community, involving them in its creation.

Players interested can join the Insider Program to receive exclusive previews, in-game rewards, and the chance to join closed playtests to share early feedback with the dev team to help craft this unique experience.

Click here to join the Insider Program now.

The Casting of Frank Stone

The team revealed a brand-new gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone, giving players a closer look at the heart-pounding, immersive story that awaits beyond The Fog.

Want to see it all? Click here to jump directly to the What Lies Ahead segment.

8th Anniversary In-Game Celebrations

Another Anniversary, a new Twisted Masquerade!


One of our biggest events of the year is back and it's packed with new unlockable Cosmetics, event-themed gameplay, decor, and much more.

This time around, the Masquerade’s mischievous host, Tryks, emerges from the shadows. As the mastermind pulling the strings, Tryks’s presence and voice can be felt all throughout the event—from loading screens, to the Survivor lobby, and even during Trials.

Her big bash, however, takes place in the separate Trial Event Queue, where she’s got some interesting gameplay changes in store for those brave enough to accept her invitation.

The Twisted Masquerade Event kicks off on June 13th, but we’ve got plenty of surprises to tide you over in the meantime with Before the Masquerade.





From now until June 13th, we're showing our appreciation to players with login rewards, boosted Maps, mini-events, and sales inspired by Dead by Daylight’s history—including free Outfits for Meg Thomas and The Huntress. More info on Before the Masquerade is available in our blogpost right here.

Click here to jump directly to the Twisted Masquerade segment of the broadcast.

One last surprise: Castlevania is Coming

With the Anniversary broadcast ending, we naturally couldn’t leave without one final surprise reveal. In a mic-drop moment, Mathieu Coté revealed a teaser trailer announcing that the legendary Castlevania franchise would be sinking its teeth into Dead by Daylight later this summer .

Click here to jump to the Castlevania segment of the broadcast.

We hope you enjoyed catching up on everything announced during our 8th Anniversary Broadcast! Don’t forget, you can try the Dungeons & Dragons Chapter today in the PTB on Steam. The Before the Masquerade Event is also on now! Log in today to receive your rewards.

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