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Original DLC

Vittorio Toscano


A voyager from a lost age and willing wanderer of realms, Vittorio Toscano strove to unearth the mystic and arcane – a ceaseless quest that remains ongoing. Untold years of exploration in The Fog have forged him into an exemplary leader, frustrating Killers with intuitive instincts and a fearless disposition.

Vittorio Toscano Lore

Born into lordship, Vittorio Toscano strove to uncover arcane secrets and bring harmony to a violent world. He set sights on the fabled Lapis Paradisus, enlisting mercenary Tarhos Kovacs for the expedition. Harbouring his own dark plans for the Lapis, Tarhos imprisoned Vittorio and began a devastating campaign of brutality. Confined to a cell while villages burned, a starving Vittorio recalled the Lapis as death beckoned. What came instead was an unnatural fog and the faint sound of anguished cries drawing closer.

Forged in Fog

Content Overview

This Chapter DLC includes:
  • New Killer: The Knight
  • New Survivor: Vittorio Toscano
  • New Map (Free): The Shattered Square
  • An exclusive item for Vittorio
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