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Thalita Lyra
Original DLC

Thalita Lyra


A dreamer in a dark place, not even The Fog can shroud Thalita Lyra’s boundless spirit. Though her kite-fighting days may be over, her creativity and charm are still going strong – even if she may get a little competitive from time to time.

Thalita Lyra's Lore

Through her early passion for kite-fighting – a hobby she shared with her brother Renato – Thalita Lyra caught the attention of a modelling agency. Before long, Thalita was swept into the spotlight, wistful for the community she left behind. Inspired to reconnect with her roots, she used her earnings to open Fun Kites Rio with her brother. After a tournament, they saw a drone hovering overhead, awakening a friendly rivalry. First one to take it down wins. If only she knew the high cost of such a wager...

Tools Of Torment

Content Overview

This Chapter DLC includes:
  • New Killer: The Skull Merchant
  • New Survivors: Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra
  • Updated Map (Free): The MacMillan Estate
  • An exclusive item for The Skull Merchant, Thalita and Renato
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