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The Skull Merchant
Original DLC

The Skull Merchant


A cunning and ruthless hunter, The Skull Merchant strives to be the ultimate apex predator. Using her gruesome Drones to track Survivors, she specializes in creating a deadly web of surveillance. Many have fallen prey to her dark innovations, their bones later repurposed into her next invention.

The Skull Merchant’s Lore

When Adriana Imai’s father abandoned her, he left his opus behind: an unpublished manga about the Skull Merchant, a hunter that stalked and slaughtered prey without mercy. In his absence, Adriana buried herself in work and ascended the corporate ladder. She found fortune by purchasing low-valued companies, cutting costs, and selling at a profit. She began to see herself in The Skull Merchant, drawing inspiration from her dark and efficient methods. She soon realized that if she could not have her way in the boardroom, there was always another way...

Tools Of Torment

Content Overview

This Chapter DLC includes:
  • New Killer: The Skull Merchant
  • New Survivors: Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra
  • Updated Map (Free): The MacMillan Estate
  • An exclusive item for The Skull Merchant, Thalita and Renato
This Chapter is only available for purchase as part of the Endless Hunt Pack which includes Portait of a Murderer, Tools of Torment, Forged in Fog and Roots of Dread.
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