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Renato Lyra
Original DLC

Renato Lyra


Introverted and meditative, Renato Lyra has never been one to rush – unless, of course, he’s kite-fighting. Forced to adapt to The Fog’s deadly pace, his analytical mind and inspiring dreamer’s heart have proven uniquely valuable survival tools.

Renato Lyra's Lore

After his uncle introduced Renato Lyra and his sister Thalita to the art of kite-fighting, the introverted boy quickly fell in love with the sport. When the siblings got older, they opened their own kite-fighting shop, Fun Kites Rio, and staged a tournament for the community. Once it finished, Renato and Thalita stayed behind to clean up. It was then a strange drone appeared on the horizon, stirring the siblings’ competitive nature. First one to take it down wins. Who knew a friendly wager could escalate so quickly...

Tools Of Torment

Content Overview

This Chapter DLC includes:
  • New Killer: The Skull Merchant
  • New Survivors: Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra
  • Updated Map (Free): The MacMillan Estate
  • An exclusive item for The Skull Merchant, Thalita and Renato
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