World-Building Lore

Memories Unlocked

Join a group of explorers trapped within The Entity’s Realm. After discovering a mysterious tower containing the memories of those who have entered The Fog, the group desperately searches these stories for a clue that could lead to their escape. As part of this search, players will access a series of challenges to unlock new memories for each Tome in the form of memory logs, character cinematics, and more. The lore of Dead by Daylight is rich, dark, and always surprising. Every character has a story, and none arrive in The Entity’s Realm by chance.

Thrilling Challenges

A Tangled Web

The Auris Web presents a series of challenges for those willing to peer deeper into The Fog. Each challenge contains a special task which will need to be completed throughout your trials, where different playstyles, character proficiency, and more are all put to the test. Complete the challenges to progress through the Auris Web, unlocking new Tome story elements while earning a slew of rewards for your efforts.

Exclusive Rewards

Free & Premium Tracks

All Rifts within The Archives eventually close, making the time-limited rewards they hold more valuable than ever. Rifts contain both a Free Track, available to all players, and a Premium Track which once purchased instantly grants new items and opens the path to even greater rewards. Brave the challenges of the Auris Web for each new Rift, earning Bloodpoints and exclusive outfits and charms you won’t find anywhere else.

Current Tome


Tome 14: BETRAYAL is opening within The Archives, featuring stories from the world of Dead by Daylight. The Knight takes a sword to hypocrisy. Vittorio Toscano seeks knowledge in the depths of darkness. The House of Arkham pursues a deadly quarry through long-lost realms. Play Tome 14: BETRAYAL now to delve into these memories and unlock new rewards.


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