The Realm Beyond Midway Update

In the fall of 2020, we  launched The Realm Beyond. Its goal: to revisit, retool, and rejuvenate graphical elements from every corner of the Entity’s Realm, creating the best-looking version of Dead by Daylight fans have ever seen.

Since then, we’ve breathed new life into everything from character models to maps, items, props, animations, VFX, and more. And after four updates and six months of work – we’re halfway there.

While there’s still a lot to come, we’re marking the mid-point of The Realm Beyond project by joining the team for a look at our efforts to date, followed by news on two key Dead by Daylight updates that extend beyond the scope of our visual overhaul.

When seeking out ways to improve Dead by Daylight’s overall experience, we look to our players to help us take stock of areas that need our attention.

These conversations always raise valid concerns and serve to shape the game’s yearly roadmap. While these upcoming features have been in development for some time, we’re happy to be able to announce their release in the near future. 

Over the coming months players can expect a Chat Sanitizer and, in line with our previous announcement, new Colorblind Modes to be included as part of our Realm Beyond updates.

Chat Filter

No player who steps into The Fog should be subject to abuse. 

In an effort to curb toxic interactions, Dead by Daylight will soon include a Chat Filter feature. It will filter out and blur racist, sexist, or overtly offensive comments that do not have a place within our game, or community. 

Following launch, this feature will continue to evolve over time.

Colorblind Modes

Dead by Daylight relies heavily on the color red to highlight and identify critical game elements like scratch marks, generators, hooks, and more. Combined with our dark environments, this can make it extremely difficult for those affected by colorblindness to enjoy the game.

To improve accessibility, players will soon have access to new Colorblind settings in the Graphics section of the Dead by Daylight menu. Using simple sliders, players will be able to adjust the game to accommodate both the type and intensity of their colorblindness, fine-tuning the visuals to easily fit their specific needs. 


Keep an eye out for these features and many more updates from the Realm Beyond as Dead by Daylight ramps towards our milestone 5th Anniversary later this year. We couldn’t be more excited to share what’s to come.


See you in the Fog,

The Dead by Daylight Team

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