Stranger Things' Days of Growth Collection Release

Hawkins’ finest thought they couldn’t face anything scarier than the Demogorgon. Little did they know what effect the Entity’s corruption would have on the creature…

The Days of Growth Collection includes: 

  • The Demogorgon – Geo Mutation Outfit – Very Rare 
  • Nancy Wheeler – Days of Rose Outfit – Very Rare 
  • Steve Harrington – High School Hunk Outfit – Very Rare 

To get more insights about this new Collection and how it came to life, we spoke to Store Product Manager Léo Andres: 

"It has been almost a year since our beloved characters from the Stranger Things Chapter have received new outfits in the Store and we wanted to continue creating diverse and cool cosmetics for players who are fan of the show. We spent quite some time on the game's forums digging for information in order to arrive at these fan favorite outfits. In the end, we are thrilled with these new additions and we hope you will like them as much as we do!"

Our initial concept for the Demogorgon’s Geo Mutation outfit, a wholly original creation unlike anything seen in the series. 


The season one scene from Stranger Things that inspired Nancy and Steve’s Days of Rose and High School Hunk oufits. 


Look out for the Days of Growth Collection, now available via the in-game store. 

See you in the Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team.



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