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Welcome back, explorers of The Archives! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year, but time flies when you’re working on your Challenges and earning cool rewards! We hope you’ve all been enjoying uncovering and exploring the new lore we've been adding with each release. 

With a full year behind us, we felt it was a good time to take stock and talk about where we see this feature going in the future. Dead by Daylight wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for all of you, so we wanted to also share this with you for a glimpse at where we’re going. 


But first, let’s look back at what we’ve done so far!  

Introduced back in October 2019, our first entry into The Archives (Tome I: Awakening) gave us a glimpse into the childhoods of Claudette Morel & The Trapper as our first main characters. Halloween also brought us the perfect time to use this as a medium for continuing our Hallowed Blight storyline forward for The Alchemist - now known as Talbot Grimes, AKA The Blight - and introduced our mysterious Observer to the world. 

Here is an Anniversary infographic including some fun facts and data about this past year as we head into Tome 5 - have a look! 


The world of Dead by Daylight pre-Archives was a very different one, so let’s take a look at everything that came from it: 

  • More Varied Gameplay: We’ve been able to spice up gameplay with varied and interesting Challenges, asking our players to go the extra mile to unlock all the rewards. 

  • Deeper Lore: Every new Tome brings with it a deeper understanding about our characters, new and old.  

  • Worldbuilding: The world of Dead by Daylight is growing! If you haven’t been keeping up with the Log Entries by The Observer, now’s your chance to catch up and get a glimpse at what’s to come.  

  • More Cosmetics: Not only has The Rift added tons of new outfits for our featured characters on every release, but it’s also introduced Charms! These creative cosmetics each pack a lot of story, and are a cool way to customize your Survivor, or your Killer's Hook. 


All of this would mean nothing without you who’ve been so active in the Fog. We love reading about everyone’s theories on our characters and the world of The Archives, watching you discuss the newest content, sharing your excitement over each story’s final animatic reward, and goings nuts over every new cosmetic that’s released.  Let’s be honest, can we get some applause for the art team, here!? 

We also know there have been some parts of The Archives that can be improved. We’re always doing our best to plan an exciting release every three months with new content and improvements you all will love. But sometimes it can be tough being a live game, and you take a curveball or two to the face once an update is released. Just as with Dead by Daylight, The Archives is as much owned by the community as it is by us - sometimes even more so by all of you. Keep playing, keep commenting, and keep sharing feedbacks.  


With all this out of the way, let’s look at some of the cool content you can look forward to with the upcoming Year Two of The Archives.  

  • New Challenge Types 

    • It’s time to bring the world to you and into your Trial. While one of these new Challenges is active, players will spawn a specified interactable item into their Trials.

    • We’ve tons of interesting ideas coming for these in the future, including some you may have already seen before, in one form or another.  

  • Archives Outfits, Unarchived 

    • You can’t keep cool cosmetics down it seems. As announced back when we released The Archives, some outfits from The Rift will begin making their way into the Store. The first of these will be The Nurse’s Foul Nightingale from the Hallowed Catalyst Collection. Expect to see this drop in Store later this month with the Mid-Chapter update. 

    • Remaining outfits will still see a minimum of six months after the end of their Rift before entering the Store. We’ll continue to keep you updated on this as we progress further with The Archives. 

  • Licensed Archives 

    • If there’s one thing you can expect from licensed characters, it’s for them to not stay quiet. We’ve got a few looking to tell their stories and The Archives is the perfect way to do it. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces making their way into a Tome & Rift soon. 

Again, thanks to all of you for making this game and its community as lively as it is. 2020 has been a very unique year so far with its own unique set of challenges and we can only hope that Dead by Daylight has managed to make it a little bit more bearable, if not enjoyable, for each and every one of you. 


See you in the Fog,

Dead by Daylight team.

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