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Silent Hill Collection

The Entity welcomes Silent Hill into the fog, with a new Collection of Dead by Daylight cosmetics featuring outfits for Cheryl Mason, The Executioner, and The Legion

Customize your character with a dedicated collection of outfits available in the in-game store, inspired by some of the most iconic characters from the Silent Hill, including: 

  • Cheryl Mason – Lisa Garland - Legendary 
  • Cheryl Mason – Alessa Gillespie - Very Rare
  • The Executioner – The Corrupted - Very Rare 
  • The Legion – Lost Mascot (Frank, Julie, Suzie, Joey) - Very Rare 

This collection introduces Unbreakable Outfits to Dead by Daylight, allowing you to fully embody the characters of Silent Hill in the Entity’s Realm. 

Discover the Silent Hill Collection, available now in the in-game store. 

See you in The Fog.

The Dead by Daylight team

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