Rockabilly Collection Release

Celebrate the 50’s with a collection of outfits that Jane, Kate, Nea, and Meg wear as an homage to the Rockabilly era. These girls are ready to rock the Entity’s realm. 

The Rockabilly Collection includes: 

  • Jane Romero – Summer Startlet Outfit – Very Rare 
  • Kate Denson – Dolly Guitar Outfit – Very Rare 
  • Nea Karlsson – Rebel Night Outfit – Very Rare 
  • Meg Thomas – Hot Rod Riveter Outfit – Very Rare 

Store Product Manager Léo Andres gives more details about the Collection and the creative process behind it:  

“Having a rockabilly-themed Collection is something that was super interesting from a creative point of view. This is a theme that we’d never explored before, and it gave our art team lots of freedom to experiment and come up with unique and original outfits for our survivors.” 

“We always try to pick characters that fit each Collection: there are emotions, concepts, ideas... that are linked to each of our themes. In this case, because of their personality, Nea, Meg and Jane were perfect to rock 50’s outfits! Kate was also a great pick, as she has such a strong bond with music.” 

The Rockabilly Collection is available via the in-game store. 

See you in the Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team.

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