Lunar New Year 2021


Celebrate the Year of the Ox in Dead by Daylight with the Gilded Stampede celebration. 

From February 11th – March 4th, the Fog will be transformed into a vibrant celebration full of fireworks and colorful lanterns in honor of the Lunar New Year. 

For a limited time, the Gilded Stampede celebration features a Lunar New Year themed Lobby, themed Generators and Hooks, as well as the return of the Chinese Firecracker Item and Red Envelope Offering. 

The celebration also introduces the Festive Toolbox, a brand-new item for Survivors. Packed to the brim with fireworks, it's prepared to celebrate all your life’s successes... and failures.


Keep an eye on the Dead by Daylight social channels and the in-game news throughout the celebration for special promo codes to unlock these free Gilded Stampede Collection items:

  • Lunar Ox (Universal Charm)
  • Gilded Locks (Head) - Zarina Kassir 
  • Scarlet Edge (Weapon) – The Spirit
  • Shimmering Ox (Torso) – Adam Francis

Enter the Fog during the celebration to redeem 50,000 Bloodpoints per day – that’s a total of 1,050,000 Bloodpoints to earn if you log in every day throughout the Gilded Stampede celebration. 


Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style with the Gilded Stampede Collection. 

Join the stampede with The Wraith’s The Golden Ox and The Deathslinger’s The Oxen Bounty outfits - adorned in golden ox horns, they'll slaughter any who dare cross their paths. 


From February 12th – 18th, the Moonrise and Scarlet Swarm collections are available at up to 30% OFF!

  • Feng Min’s Spring Festival Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Ace Visconti’s Seasoned Gambler Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Huntress’ Brave Beast Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Jeff Johansen’s New Year Showgoer Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Legion's New Year Shoplifter Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)

From February 3rd – 17th, XBOX players will receive 60% off the Base Game.
For Steam players, from February 11th – 15th, receive 40% off the Base Game and select DLCs.  

Follow our Twitter & Facebook for more info about our Lunar New Year Sales.


Enter the Fog and enjoy the Gilded Stampede festivities!

The Dead by Daylight team.

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