Into The Fog Broadcast


Dead by Daylight’s Into The Fog Broadcast is an online event featuring 15 Fog Whisperers from Europe and North America.

August 20th, 2020, on Twitch.tv/DeadbyDaylight, join us for an all-day event hosted by Friskk with commentary by Otzdarva and OhTofu, featuring special appearances from the developers of the graphics update, cross-play, and the artistry behind our newest killer, The Blight.


Welcome Into The Fog 12:00 Mathieu Cote
Group EU  12:05  Morf, Kosuke, Sammymjay, Vicksy, Scorpionz 
Group NA 1 15:00  StreamDad, BROBQ, BoxGhost,Cahlaflour, CrunchyEggRollz
Group NA 2 18:00  Meeeows, JasonSulli, Tokki, Garuku, Puppers 
Crossplay Interview   -- Joris Four 
The Blight Interview  -- Xavier Etchepare 
Graphical Update Interview  -- Stephanie Hellin


The event features three groups of five streamers with each player taking a turn as the killer. The community can participate in the broadcast by deciding the wildcard challenge LIVE before every match. Tune into the channels of any participant to watch their unique view. Stay until the end for a chance to receive a gifted sub to the Fog Whisperers’ channel courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.  


Each player can win up to 100 gifted Twitch Subscriptions to their channel  

Survivors can win subs by: 

  • Team activating a generator (1 sub)
  • Survivor Escapes (5 subs)
  • Succeeding a wildcard challenge (5 per trial)

Killers can win subs by: 

  • Killing a survivor (2 subs)
  • Killing all survivors (additional 2 subs)

We will be announcing our newest members of the Fog Whisperers program for Chapter 17. To learn more about the Fog Whisperer program, click HERE. We are still in search of 26 creators to join us by the end of 2020! #IntoTheFog 

See you in the fog.

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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