Dead by Daylight | The Greek Legends Collection Continues

The Greek Legends Collection Continues

Dead by Daylight travels from the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of Hades, as the Greek Legends Collection expands with six new Grecian-inspired outfits for Kate Denson, Jeff Johansen, Élodie Rakoto, Zarina Kassir, The Nurse, and The Blight

Greek Legends Login Event

Beginning on July 27th we’ll be holding a week-long login event to help celebrate the arrival of these new additions to the Greek Legends Collection! Simply log in and play Dead by Daylight during this period to be gifted everything from Bloodpoints, to Rift Fragments, and enter our special promo code to recieve two exclusive charms: the Bas-Relief Sculpture, and Medusa Head. 

  • July 27 11AM ET - August 3 11AM ET – Free Charms: Promo Code "HISSANDHERS"
  • July 27 11AM ET - July 28 11AM ET: 50K Bloodpoints 
  • July 28 11AM ET - July 29 11AM ET: 50K Bloodpoints 
  • July 29 11AM ET - July 30 11AM ET: 10 Rift Fragments 
  • July 30 11AM ET - July 31 11AM ET: 50K Bloodpoints 
  • July 31 11AM ET - August 1 11AM ET: 50K Bloodpoints 
  • August 1 11AM ET - August 2 11AM ET: 50K Bloodpoints 
  • August 2 11AM ET - August 3 11AM ET: 10 Rift Fragments 

The Legend Continues

Whether you’re interested in mining mythology for style or simply bringing some breezy Mediterranean vibes to your next trial, these latest additions have something for everyone.  


The Greek Legends Collection includes:     

  • Kate Denson – Lyrical Goddess Set – VERY RARE  
  • Jeff Johansen – Titan of Fire Outfit– VERY RARE    
  • Élodie Rakoto – Bearer of Gifts  Set – VERY RARE 
  • Zarina Kassir – The Goddess Queen Outfit– VERY RARE  (outfit previously from The Archives)
  • The Nurse – Vengeful Enchantress Outfit – VERY RARE  
  • The Blight – Ferryman of the Underworld Set – ULTRA RARE  

Outfits for Yui, David, Adam, Jane, Feng, The Clown, The Oni, and The Spirit already exist within the Greek Legends Collection. 

  • Yui Kimura – Goddess of Victory Outfit – VERY RARE   
  • David King – Champion of Olympus Outfit – VERY RARE   
  • Adam Francis – Herald of the Gods Outfit – VERY RARE  
  • Jane Romero – The Goddess Muse Set – VERY RARE  
  • Feng Min – Goddess of Warfare Outfit – VERY RARE  
  • The Clown – Lord of the Underworld Set – VERY RARE  
  • The Oni – The Minotaur Set – VERY RARE  
  • The Spirit – Furious Nyx Outfit – VERY RARE  

We spoke with our Product Store Manager, Rose Li, to get the scoop on the decision to go big once again with this well-loved collection.  

“The collection was a huge hit last year and we wanted to expand it to include even more fan-favorite characters,” explained Rose. “Notably we spend a lot of time on The Blight. As the new ultra rare outfit in the store we wanted to make the uniqueness of the model and the connection with Charon stand out. Can you guess which other mythological characters inspired each outfit?” 

Explore the Greek Legends Collection, available now via the in-game store.  

See you in The Fog,     

- The Dead by Daylight Team  

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