GamePlay Expo Collection | Dead by Daylight Cosmetics

GamePlay Expo Collection

Cosplay or casual? Dead by Daylight has you covered either way, with new outfits for The Legion, Jane Romero, and Feng Min.

It doesn’t matter if you’re behind a mask, a microphone, or a webcam at home, the GamePlay Expo Collection is here to deck you out for the year’s biggest gaming showcase. Get meta and walk the floor or stream in style with a collection that proves just because you’re a character in a video game doesn’t mean you can’t love video games, too.  



The GamePlay Expo Collection includes:     

  • The Legion (Joey) – Expo Cosplayer Outfit – VERY RARE  
  • Jane Romero –  GamePlay Expo Entertainer Outfit – VERY RARE    
  • Feng Min – GamePlay Expo Streamer Outfit – VERY RARE   

Feng Min Dead by Daylight cosmetics

The Legion Dead by Daylight cosmetics

Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Product Store Manager checked in with some background info on what inspired this new collection.  

“This collection came to be after I had an online meeting with a colleague of mine who happened to be wearing a pair of cat-ear headphones,” revealed Rose. “It was so fun and eye-catching, and made me instantly think of Feng Min and how they would be perfect for her in a gaming and streaming event context. The art team ran wild with the rest!” 

Jane Romero Dead by Daylight cosmetics

Explore the GamePlay Expo Collection, available now via the in-game store.  

See you in The Fog,     

- The Dead by Daylight Team  

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