Dead by Daylight Holiday E-Cards

What do you get when Dead by Daylight meets its holiday spirit? 

To bring a jolly good time to your Holidays, Dead by Daylight is introducing the Holiday E-Cards! Send your friends and family a Dead by Daylight holiday card as your favorite Killer or Survivor.  

Choose to be a Killer and send out the card as either The Clown, The Huntress, The Oni, The Hillbilly, The Trapper or The Twins.  

Choose to be a Survivor and send out the card as Jake Park, Claudette Morel, Élodie Rakoto, Dwight Fairfield, Ace Visconti or Zarina Kassir.  

Get into the Holiday spirit and share your E-card to all your loved ones via your socials or e-mail!  


Available until January 4th, 2021. 

For those who want to get their characters in the spirit of the season, these outfits are available in the in-game store: 

  • The Twins – Blood & Guts Outfit 
  • Élodie Rakoto – Reindeer Onesie Set 
  • The Trapper – The Krampus Set  
  • Dwight Fairfield – Dwight-in-a-Box Outfit  
  • Ace Visconti – Winter Wisecracks Outfit  
  • Zarina Kassir – Penguin Onesie Set  
  • Claudette Morel - Claudette Claus Outfit 
  • Jake Park - Winter Comfort Outfit  
  • The Clown – Carnie Claws Outfit 
  • The Hillbilly – Pyromania Outfit 
  • The Huntress – Solstice Devotee Outfit 
  • The Oni – Ice-Cold Legacy Outfit 


See you in the Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team.

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