Data Tracking in Dead by Daylight Marketing

Starting with 4.7.0 update, Behaviour Interactive and Dead by Daylight will implement marketing attribution software to help us better understand the effectiveness of our advertising.  

We understand that player privacy is a topic near and dear to the hearts of gamers – and rightfully so. For that reason, we wanted to take the time to shed some light on what this means for new and existing players moving forward, what kind of data is collected, and exactly how it will and won’t be used.  

Why we track marketing data 

Marketing attribution software helps gaming publishers like us anonymously track (more on this below) how purchases are made around our product, which ads are working, and which ones aren’t. Five years in, we’re still growing Dead by Daylight, adding new content every few weeks, and expanding our player base. Marketing insights for the core game, DLC and merch go a long way. 

As the Dead by Daylight team, these let us: 

  • Continue investing in the game in the most effective way. 
  • Understand what resonates and create better content based on what players purchase. 
  • Put the game in as many new hands as possible, pulling more potential Killers and Survivors into Dead by Daylight to ultimately create faster matchmaking and a better overall experience.  

What user data is being collected? 

All data collected is anonymous, meaning we’ll never have access to any personal details or information about you.  

When an ad is clicked, a unique ID is created. The data then gets aggregated into a cohort, meaning we can only see how anonymous “groups” behave in relation to our advertising – not specific individuals. A combo of analysis and machine learning then helps us use that data to better reach players.  

Is the information collected sold? 

Nope, never. 

All anonymously recorded information is stored exclusively on Behaviour Interactive servers and will not be sold.  

Plus, once a unique ID is created for a user, zero personal identifiable information is available to Behaviour Interactive, any marketing agencies we work with, or any other third party.  


Thanks for reading. We value our community’s trust and privacy, and we hope we’ve been able to address potential concerns.  


See you in the Fog,

The Dead by Daylight Team 

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Data Tracking in Dead by Daylight Marketing

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