Crypt TV Collection Release 

Horror universes collide! 

Crypt TV has been building an interconnected universe of monsters since 2015. Since we know a little something about that, too, here at Dead by Daylight, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome three of their most chilling creations into the Fog.  

The Crypt TV Collection includes outfits that summon The Birch, The Look-See, and The Mordeo into The Entity’s Realm. Terrible news for Survivors. Great news for you.  


The Crypt TV Collection includes:    

  • The Hag – The Birch Witch – VERY RARE  
  • The Doctor – The Look-See – LEGENDARY   
  • The Huntress – The Mordeo – LEGENDARY  

"Crypt’s IP has grown successfully into TV, and now seeing those characters expand into Dead by Daylight, one of horror’s biggest video games, is very exciting, says Jason Blum, Crypt TV investor. “Dead by Daylight and Crypt have passionate fans, and I’m sure the community is going to love playing as The Birch, Look-See & The Mordeo."

"Crypt fans have been asking for our characters to be featured in Dead by Daylight in the comment section for years which makes this Crypt x Dead by Daylight collection so rewarding," mentions Eli Roth, founder of Crypt TV. "Dead by Daylight has inspired millions of players and has some of the best horror crossovers in all of gaming. We can’t wait to see the reaction of Crypt fans and Dead by Daylight fans and for these two communities to come together."

To shed some light on this monstrous crossover, we tapped our Product Store Manager, Rose Li, to tell us how Crypt TV and DbD are cut from the same cloth.

"Crypt TV has a wide array of horrific characters, and the whole series has a super engaged online fanbase that’s incredibly dedicated to original horror fantasy – just like Dead by Daylight,” said Rose. “The style and lore of Crypt TV fits perfectly into the Dead by Daylight universe. We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with them and incorporate these three unique outfits that represent some of their most popular – and terrifying – characters."

Tune in to Twitch for a very special Around the Campfire livestream on May 13th at 2PM EST, where members of the Dead by Daylight team will be joined by Crypt TV’s Alyssa Onofreo and Horror YouTubers James A. Janisse and Chelsea Rebecca from Dead Meat for some live Dead by Daylight gameplay featuring the new Crypt TV outfits.

Explore the Crypt TV Collection, available now via the in-game store. 


See you in The Fog,    

The Dead by Daylight Team   

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