Breaking Barriers with Cross-Play and Cross-Progression #2

Following the successful addition of the Cross-Play feature in Dead by Daylight, we are happy to announce how our efforts have been advancing and to provide an update regarding Cross-Progression.

In August, we let all our PC and console players enjoy the game together with Cross-Play. Looking back from September, we are happy to say the results were amazing: the activation of the feature itself went as smoothly as we could hope. For example, it has helped make the matchmaking time shorter in general. Of course, we keep monitoring the status of Cross-Play but it’s safe to say that the overall game experience has been greatly improved by this feature.

The other important feature we have been working on for the past month is Cross-Progression. In the past couple of months, we have continued developing the Cross-Progression feature for Steam and Stadia. We are working hard on the final details and we are closer than ever to making it available for all on these two platforms.

We have developed a website just for the new Behaviour Account. There, the players who want to share their progression and items between Steam and Stadia get to register themselves and access this Cross-Progression feature.

After you have created your Behaviour Account, you will be invited to link it to your Steam and Stadia accounts, respectively. Once you have gone through these steps and you log back into the game, you will be able to keep your characters’ progression and use all the DLCs and outfits you previously purchased or unlocked, whether through Steam or Stadia. In case the characters have two different progressions, the higher level will be kept. In addition, items from the Bloodweb gathered on both platforms will be added together. A more detailed FAQ will be provided when we release the Cross-Progression feature and the Behaviour Account.

Just like our monitoring of Cross-Play, when we release Cross-Progression, we will follow the whole feature very closely in the following months to ensure it is working properly and that you can decide to play on both Steam and Stadia, safely and seamlessly.

Finally, as we announced earlier, we are working on adding the Switch to Steam and Stadia for the Cross-Progression in the near future.

Stay tuned for more and thank you for reading.


See you in the Fog.

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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