Advent Calendar 2020

The season of giving is upon us in Dead by Daylight! Let’s celebrate the holidays & end of 2020 together with free cosmetics and currencies!  

Ok, let’s spoil some of it right now… get ready for updates to the Ugly Sweater collection! This Advent Calendar Celebration is some jolly good fun! 

We’re changing things up a bit with future events in Dead by Daylight! Check out the end of this post to see how! 


Most days between December 1st 11AM ET until January 3rd 11AM ET we will provide players with currency upon logging in to Dead by Daylight. On top of that, a handful of cosmetic rewards will be available via Redeem Codes. These codes can only be used during their specified time periods. 

Check out the schedule below!  

“Have a fantastic holiday season and a bloody good new year!”  

—The Dead by Daylight Team 


Note: These rewards are no longer available.



  • Dec. 28th 11AM ET – Dec. 31st 11AM ET: The Blight’s Frosty Eyes* 
  • Dec. 31st 11AM ET – Jan. 3rd 11AM ET: New Year ‘21 Charm* 



  • Dec. 22nd 11AM ET – Dec. 25th 11AM ET: The Twins’ Frosty Eyes* 
  • Dec. 25th 11AM ET – Dec. 28th 11AM ET: Cheryl’s Sweater of Metatron* 



  • Dec. 15th 11AM ET – Dec. 18th 11AM ET: The Deathslinger’s Frosty Eyes* 
  • Dec. 18th 11AM ET – Dec. 21st 11AM ET: Elodie’s Pathfinder’s Sweater* 



  • Dec. 8th 11AM ET – Dec. 11th 11AM ET: Survivor’s Stocking Charm*
  • Dec. 11th 11AM ET – Dec. 14th 11AM ET: Felix’s Holiday Formal Sweater* 



  • Dec. 1st 11AM ET – Dec. 4th 11AM ET: Killer’s Stocking Charm* 
  • Dec. 4th 11AM ET – Dec. 7th 11AM ET: Zarina’s Snap Snap Sweater* 

The new cosmetics for the Ugly Sweater Collection will be made available via the in-game store after the holiday season. We will communicate the exact date at a later point in time. 

*Note that cosmetics are redeemable only once per user. Code will only be active for the specified period. To redeem, enter the Store and click “Redeem Code” at the top right.


If you were around for previous Winter events from 2017 and 2018 then you may notice a slight difference in this Advent Calendar from those previous events. There’s a reason for this and we’d like to talk about it a bit.  

Going forward, we will be contributing more effort towards our Anniversary & Halloween related events. These are our largest events where we love to bring the community together and really celebrate Dead by Daylight as a family. 

Beyond these two, others will be treated more as “Celebrations”. We will still be celebrating Winter, Lunar New Year, etc. but are taking new approaches to them to better define and focus our efforts on those larger ones. This means that you won’t see special event gameplay mechanics or earnable cosmetics for these Celebrations, but will continue to see activations such as login rewards, Bloodweb items, and themed assets. 

We’ve heard your feedback from the recent Eternal Blight event, and this plan is our first step working  towards events that truly feel special by allowing us to focus on which events need the most effort. 


Happy Holidays! 

The Dead by Daylight team.

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