2019 Year Review

Another year has come and gone. Generators have been powered, chests have been looted, and the Entity has been well fed. We’d like you to join us as we look back at this past year and celebrate how far we’ve come together. 

2019 was a year to remember, with plenty of new features. The Emblem system kicked off the year by shaking up the way players earn pips, with more changes on the way to improve it further. The End Game Collapse raised the stakes at the end of a match, removing hatch standoffs and making sure that the game comes to an end. Then came the new Party Management system, which allowed you and your friends to stay grouped up after each match, making it easier than ever to play together. Last but certainly not least, we saw the premiere of The Archives, which added loads of new goals, lore, challenges, and rewards for everyone to take part in. 

Dedicated servers have also come a long way since testing first started back in July. There’s is still work to do, but we are very pleased to see some of the benefits make their way into the game, such as the recently tested disconnect penalties. Bringing servers to Dead by Daylight has been a huge task, and we are pleased to see how much they’ve improved this year. 

Alongside these new features, a whole host of new characters found their way into the Fog. We’ve witnessed the debut of four new Killers: The Plague, Ghost Face, The Demogorgon, and The Oni. With them came five Survivors: Jane, Ash, Steve, Nancy, and Yui. These new characters came prepared with a grand total of 27 new perks.  The Entity’s realm has also grown with the appearance of three new maps. 

But it’s not all about what’s new; it was also a big time for updates on existing content. Over the course of the year, we’ve made quality of life improvements to Decisive Strike, Kindred, and countless other perks. In July, Freddy made a triumphant return thanks to the Nightmare Rework, becoming one of the most popular Killers in the process. At the same time, his old stomping grounds, Badham Preschool, became the first map to receive a rework. This rework rebalanced many of the loops around the map and added four new layouts to spice up gameplay. 

Making the game more accessible to a wider audience has been goal for us, and we are happy to welcome players from the Nintendo Switch™, the Microsoft Store, and those of you who have started playing the beta of Dead by Daylight Mobile. 

A word from the mobile team: 

Dead by Daylight Mobile officially launched into beta back in July, and we were met immediately with an overwhelming number of players excited to play Dead by Daylight on the go. With the help of a supportive community, the Mobile team has shipped lots of features essential to the Dead by Daylight experience, all the while setting Mobile apart with brand new content. We are extremely grateful for your support, and we can't wait to see you in The Fog in 2020. 

And so, we look to the future. 

We are getting ready to kick off 2020 with a bang as well, with an update to The Doctor and a rework to Lery’s Memorial Institute. We look forward to sharing more details soon, as well as all new Chapters, characters, lore, and so much more. We aim to improve how players experience the game and strengthen the foundations we’ve built so far.  

Most of all, all 230 of us are happy to share it with all of you, our growing community. It’s thanks to your passion for the game that we’re able to continue supporting Dead by Daylight for years to come. We’ve had the chance to meet a lot of you at events around the world, from the US, Germany, or even all the way over in Japan. We're hoping the Dead by Daylight family grows even larger next year! 

Happy holidays! See you in the Fog. 

The Dead by Daylight team  

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